Below you will find visual illustrations showing the difference in metabolism between a
HEALTHY AEROBIC CELL(uses oxygen) and an UNHEALTHY ANAEROBIC(cancer) CELL(does not use oxygen)

For more than 30 years, Dr. Garnett researched over 20,000 Compounds trying to find a compound
that would
KILL A CANCER CELL but "do no harm" to a HEALTHY CELL.

After more than 3 decades of research,
he finally accomplished this goal with Poly-MVA.



Represents Normal Cell


Represents Cancer Cell

Electrical Distribution in a House
- - - COMPARED TO- - - Electrical Distribution in Human Cells

Represents Normal Cell

The Healthy House is distributing electrical current via the circuit breaker box to all outlets in the house........everything functions properly..
When normal functioning cells have proper electrical current flowing from the Cell Membrane to the Mitochondria/DNA......cellular function works properly.

Represents Cancer Cell

The Cancer House can not distribure electrical current via the circuit breaker box to all outlets in the house........nothing functions properly..
Cancer Cells
can not distribute electrical current from the Cell Membrane to the Mitochondria/DNA..........cellular function stops working properly.
Poly-MVA delivers
EXCESS electrical current to the Mitochondria(Breaker Box) and damages the Cell(House) causing cell membrane rupture(damage).

Poly-MVA selectively kills Cancer Cells due to their altered metabolism which is incapable of redistributing electrical current.
Poly-MVA does no harm to Healthy Cells with a normal functioning metabolism because they are able to redistribute the excess electrical current.


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