Name: George E. Holladay, M.D.

Telephone: 940-566-6515

City: Denton

State: Texas

Diagnosis: Transitional Cell in Bladder


Date Poly Started: March 2004
Dosage: 10 cc daily until this year, now 5cc daily.

My Story:

I have been fighting Bladder cancer since July 4, 1972, with many recurrences. It began as a pediculated squamous cell type and was easily resected. Several more of the same type over the years also were resected.

Then the type of cancer morphed into Transitional Cell in the lining of the bladder. I do not remember the exact date but simple resection was not an option, so we began regular doses of chemotherapy. This went on for several years, with multiple hospitalizations for biopsy, repeated Intravenous Pyelograms and repeated Cystoscopies.

When , finally, I began to tire of the chemo and decided to investigate other possibilities on the internet. That is when I discovered AMARC and Poly-MVA. After discussion with Gary Matson at AMARC, the decision was made.

I began taking Poly in March of 2004 and in October 2004 my urine lab test came back NEGATIVE…….meaning I was in remission. I have continued to take small doses of Poly since then and my annual urine tests have remained negative, thus continual remission.

I will plan to take Poly for the remainder of my life. I am now 76 and plan to live to the 90’s with GOD’s Blessing.


George E. Holladay


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