Name: Nancy C. Farley, Ph.D

Date: August 19, 1999

Diagnosis: Bladder Cancer


LAST UPDATE: July 3, 2009*(see below)

August 19, 1999

Dear Dr. Sanchez,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my journey in fighting this most dreaded disease.
I am a 65 year old Psychologist who in 1996 was diagnosed with bladder cancer. A transurethral resection was followed by periodic cystoscopy examinations at Emory Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. By patient preference, I chose not to undergo suggested chemotherapy. I remained asymptomatic until December 1998 when laboratory studies revealed active cancer again. I had the Arthur Malignancy Index or AMID test performed which showed a large tumor mass; The Smith Kline Laboratory panels revealed an NK Cell count of 2, clearly indicative of immune system degeneration. This test was performed several times to rule out erroneous results.

William Crawford, a naturopath, was my physician. Dr. Crawford was on staff at the Oasis Hospital in Baja, California. I followed the nutritional protocol developed for me by Dr. Crawford, which included
using Poly-MVA twice daily. At this time I am doing well as evidenced by the laboratory reports I have received, and, more importantly, by the way I feel.

The Poly-MVA has done remarkable things to my immune system with repeated AMID tests showing an excellent rating of "GOOD;"
Recent NK numbers are now at an amazing level of 59. Tests also show a diminished tumor mass in me. I am faithfully continuing complimentary and/or alternative healthcare.

I have been very pleased with the results obtained by taking Poly-MVA used in conjunction with Clodronate. My energy level has soared and has sustained at the point I was 4 years ago. My total program includes proper nutrition, exercise and a positive spiritual understanding that life is a gift from God, to be used wisely. It is my desire and prayer to encourage and inform others, with special emphasis on Poly-MVA.

Nancy C. Farley, Ph.D

2nd UPDATE - June 27, 2001

Dear Tim,

It was good of you to pursue and persist and push for this update. Part of the delay was my desire to have the most recent chemical Lab tests in hand to further substantiate the good work of Poly. So here goes:

For several months now I have been talking on the phone with a number of you who are vitally interested in PolyMVA, either for yourselves or someone you love and care for.
I trust this update will serve as encouragement and incentive to give PolyMVA continued opportunity to do it's unique work.

In 1996 I put aside plans to open a counseling center in the Atlanta area. It took several months after cancer was diagnosed to recuperate from a transurethral resection of the bladder. The immune system was severely compromised, and pneumonia persisted. By patient preference, I did not have the suggested chemotheraphy or radiation, but chose to embark on an intense search to find well documented, well tested alternative treatments for cancer. It did not take long to find Al Sanchez who was fully prepared to explain and substantiate why PolyMVA was excellent in building up and supporting the entire immune system. For extended periods, PolyMVA was a defined part of my prevention protocol. However, during my husband's illness, my system became weakened.
An elevated count of cancer cells was found again last December. With Al Sanchez's encouragement, I went back on a heavy program of PolyMVA, and thank God, I am now considered to be in remission. All the lab work is within normal range, and balance has been regained. It takes work, determination and persistance to maintain the battle against cancer.

PolyMVA has been the the foundation for my ongoing treatment of cancer. "It is THE super, free-radical scavanger and extremely powerful antioxident" which I believe has helped to bring me to this chapter of remission.
I continue to take a maintenance dosage of PolyMVA daily, and am pleased with my energy level. In fact I have had no further lung infections or pneumonia which plagued me for several months after my dear husband died last year. It is a noteworthy that good nutrition is essential for continued good health, so I am careful to choose the right diet. As you all know, it takes special care to get enough rest and exercise.

Above all, I am thankful to God for an extended time period in which to fulfill the dream my husband and I began to put together in early 2000. It was our prayer and desire to open a retreat center in the mountains north of Atlanta, with the main purpose of providing a place for patients to come who had been given diagnoses of cancer. Tender care can be provided at this Christian Retreat called The Haven, to help individuals deal with levels of fear, anger and denial. Family members who need support and guidance from understanding counselors can be taught to cope more effectively With renewed courage and strength, The Haven is becoming a reality.

As you continue your own courageous journey, remember we are doing much more than just surviving, We are learning to be thriving in body, soul and spirit with God's help! I pray you will be blessed, and I have been, by all that is experienced in living fully while He lends us breath.

Nancy Farley

3rd UPDATE- January 20, 2003

It is especially meaningful for me to share that the
sixth year post diagnosis of bladder cancer report is excellent. The latest medical examination found "the bladder to be normal with smooth walls with no abnormalities, no lesions seen and no areas or erythema appreciated." In laymanís terms, this means I am still free of tumors with no sign of cancer. The specialist repeated verbatim his statement from last year that he was both pleased and surprised. "It is very unusual for your type of cancer not to reappear.You are my only patient that has experienced this." When I reminded him of Poly MVA, he remarked, "Whatever you're doing, just keep it up." I smiled saying " My times are in God's hands, and I've got a good plan going."

My maintenance dose of PolyMVA, is still in order, taking 1/2 teaspoon morning and 1/2 teaspoon evening. Much of my continued energy level I owe to Poly, ever grateful there has been no recurrence of pneumonia or flu for the past two years. In the absence of my beloved Carl who died July of 2002 of liver cancer, I must choose to keep positive, choose to keep disciplined, choose to keep planning proper nutrition and exercise. I must to create fun times, including a coveted art class and strengthen bonds with friends. All of this combines to give a good measure of "inner and outer strength" for hours of counseling and teaching which I love, and development of The Haven, a Christian Retreat Center in the beautiful Georgia mountains. This is some retirement program!

No doubt other survivors have found, as have I, that there is an exquisite balance we must seek. Continued care of ourselves must not lead to selfish preoccupation, or morbid introspection. But, with God's help, we who have responded well to PolyMVA can offer solid information to others who may still be confused and doubting. Accurate, timely sharing allows for God to reveal creative ways for each of us to live life more fully and love more clearly. It's our choice. Let's rejoice!

4th UPDATE: February 20, 2004

I am going to have tests repeated in March, and will happily send you a current update.
At this time I am strong, well and wonderfully busy in the ministry of counseling. I still go one week to Birmingham, 3 l/1 hrs away where I counsel about 21 people in the 3 days there. Then I go to North Carolina to see cancer patients, an autistic child and several other dear folk the next week. I do telephone counseling and office counseling here in Atlanta; the cup...AND saucer are full. It's an unusual package God has put together, but I love it.

There is a "keeping power of God" which encircles those of us who trust Him. May you be very aware of His Presence this day May His love guide you as you reach many, many travelers on this journey.

Love in Him,
Nancy Farley

5th UPDATE: May 12, 2004
Tim, Greetings!!
I'm delighted to let you know the latest Lab Reports show excellent levels and a strong Immune System. These just came in yesterday, so I'm thanking the Lord I have good news to pass on. A Black Field Microscopy test in January showed slight cancer activity, but that also is now reduced. I waited until now to give the latest and most accurate report.

I am continuing the protocol of Poly maintenance of 1/2 teaspoon AM and PM along with the supplements that keep me in good health. I came thru a flu attack in January which lasted only days instead of the usual debilitating 4 weeks.
I attribute this to Poly which provides an excellent defense against such infections.

In a few weeks I will be celebrating my 70th! I asked the Lord to give me more life in my years, and not just years to my life, and He has. I am full of energy and working strong and steady in the counseling ministry.

Hope all is well with you and Al. Please give him a "fuerte abrazo" from me.

Nancy Farley
6th UPDATE: July 17, 2004

Hello Tim,

I'm excited about the upcoming Convention since this year I really have a testimonial that continues to amaze me.
The newest Lab Reports and even the Osteoporosis report are well within normal range, signifying good maintenance and positive progress.

My medical friends, which are many, are still shaking their heads. One MD who is the main Breast Cancer Surgeon on staff at the YUB Hospital in Birmingham can't reckon with the fact I did not submit to his knife, but am coming up with excellent Lab reports and no cancer cells evident!

I thank the Lord daily for His healing thru the Poly protocol and just keep taking on God's assignments in counseling ministry wherever he opens the doors.

Special greetings to Al,

Nancy Farley
7th UPDATE: January 26, 2007

This is an update on January 26, 2007 for
Nancy Farley PhD Bladder Cancer Survivor in remission for 6 years.

Thank you for your call asking for an update. I have been waiting to contact you until I received the latest Cancer Report. I just finished the
yearly Cystoscopy Exam last week and the Dr has declared again I am cancer free. Hallelujah!! Several other tests he took also came in showing no Cancer cells at all! So I am passing along good news, and thanking God for His watchful healing.

I still get 1 to 2 calls weekly, asking for support or info and I gladly pass on what Poly has done for my cancer levels. I remain a loyal supporter!

In Him, Nancy Farley
8th UPDATE: July 3, 2009

Nancy Farley PhD---Nancy called today to report that she had a scan of her bladder this past March 2009 and
her bladder continues to be totally cancer free. Her Oncologist told her that she is his only bladder cancer patient in 25 years that has not had a recurrence. She is beating all of the odds. Nancy was diagnosed in 1996. She started on Poly-MVA in 1998 and has been in complete remission from bladder cancer since 1999. Nancy feels that Poly-MVA is the primary reason she is alive and well. She continues taking 1 teaspoon daily for maintenance. She still receives many calls regarding her story and refers them on to Poly-MVA. She also continues to thank God for Poly-MVA, Dr. Sanchez, Tim, Gary and all of those involved in this wonderful protocol.

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