Name: Daniel Morrison

Date: September 21, 2003

Diagnosis: Astrocytoma/Glioma


Phone: 775-781-9191

Daniel's Testimonial

Dear Survivors:

On January 29, 2002 our son, Daniel Morrison, was walking through the house holding onto his right arm like he had had a stroke.
It was limp and he told me, "Mommy, my arm doesn't work anymore." I was beside myself. My fiancee', EZ, had noticed that Daniel's arm wasn't right a couple of weeks prior but I did not want to see it. I had been taking Daniel to his pediatrician during that previous year because he was falling down a lot, having bilateral knee pain, and limping on his right side sometimes. I got all kinds of answers except what it really was.

On Jan. 30, 2002 We took Daniel in and the doctor said that he wanted us to see a neurologist. This was going to take 2-3 weeks. I told the doctor that I would not leave the office until we were sent somewhere for someone to tell us what was wrong with our baby. Daniel was not quite 3 years old at this time. We were sent for a stat MRI at Washoe Imagining in Reno, NV at 1:00 p.m. that day.
They did the MRI and told us it was a brain tumor. I turned pale and nearly fell to the floor. I knew that a brain tumor could be a possibility but quickly pushed that out of my mind.

We were sent to Sacramento, CA for an appointment with a neurosurgeon the next day. We left that night and saw the DR. the next morning. We were told that Daniel had a low grade astrocytoma and that it was most likely benign. We were told to go home for a week and return on Feb. 7, 2002 for surgery. The surgery took almost 6 hours. When the doctor came to us after surgery, he thought that he had totally removed the tumor because it was all a purplish color and he had scraped very carefully.
We were elated until the next morning when the post-op MRI showed that they had only removed approximately 20% and the remaining mass was located in his brain stem, left thalamus, and left pons. Further surgery was no longer an option. Daniel was in the hospital for 4 days. He was put on decadron even before the surgery and remained on it after the surgery.

We went for another MRI on Mar. 26, 2002 and then back to Sacramento on Mar. 28, 2002 to see the doctor. We were still under the impression that Daniel's tumor was benign. His films were to go to the tumor board that week and we were expecting their call to see what was next. I called on April 9, 2002 to find out results and what was taking so long. It was at this time that I was told that we were to see an oncologist for a "no big deal" consultation. We went back to Sacramento to see the oncologist on April 17, 2002 and it was a very big deal.
This is where we finally found out that Daniel did in fact have cancer. We were devastated to say the least and very angry about not being told about the cancer sooner. Our trust was very shaky at this point. We were told that Daniel needed weekly chemo for 3 years to delay radiation.

Not knowing any other alternative and not been given any other options by the doctors, I truly believed that the only way to keep Daniel alive was with chemotherapy. We scheduled surgery on April 25, 2003 to insert a portacath so he would not have to have an IV every week and they also planned to administer his first dose of chemo the same day. We were shown first hand what we had in store for us because we were put into a room with a 7 year old that had over 100 tumors and was on the strongest chemo possible for him and he was way further advanced in his battle.
This was absolutely traumatic for Daniel as well as for both of us. We were also given a 40% chance for 5 years as his prognosis. This was even more traumatic for all of us.

So this started the trips back and forth from Nevada to Sacramento every week. We almost moved there because there just was not enough money to continue going back and forth every week and our car was on its last leg.
I got Tim Matson's name from someone who was helping us financially and started to contact him and read the testimonies about the others that were on the PolyMVA and the results they were experiencing with it.

I was already constantly reading, researching, asking questions, contacting others with cancer, and going to the resources that could answer some of my questions.
When I read that chemo did not even cross the blood-brain barrier and that the decadron promoted tumor growth I was really confused and lost. (See OUR INSPIRATION PAGE about THE DANGERS OF STEROIDS)

It did not make sense to me to do this therapy for such a long time, Daniel having to endure all of the side effects, and me knowing that I was allowing them to poison him.
After 5 rounds I listened to my heart and told the doctors that I did not want to proceed any further with the chemo. The oncologist was flat against us stopping Daniel's treatment and did not want to be held liable. We just wanted Daniel to be a happy little boy running and playing like the rest of the kids. If he did not have a long time on this earth then we wanted him to live it free of the devastating effect that the chemo was causing. We knew it was all in God's hands anyway and we just needed to follow our hearts.

Tim Matson got back in touch with us in June and still wanted to help Daniel. He was convinced that Daniel would get better using the PolyMVA. We were willing to try anything and were already juicing and blending fruits and vegetables that were known to fight cancer and tumors daily as food and medicine.
We started the Poly on July 3, 2002 with 3 teaspoons per day and since then, Daniel's MRIs have shown improvement.

At first, his tumor was actually shrinking for about 3 of his MRIs and the last two have shown the tumor as stable, no change. We have gone from 3 to 4 teaspoons per day. Tim also had us add the CoQ10 to his daily organic diet and natural supplements because it gets oxygen to the brainstem.

I was concerned about the tumor being
"just stable" but then Tim told us not be concerned about the size because the color is what is most important. He told us about his mother and that their radiation oncologist had shown them how to interpret MRI's and that when the tumor appears "white" it is active and alive cancer but when it turns gray and stops growing it is necrosis.(dead cancer cells) The tumor has continued to turn darker shades of gray which is just great!

We are ready to tell absolutely everyone about the PolyMVA. We have shared this news with many people already and if we can only get to one person at a time then so be it but we are spreading the word and will not stop at anything to let the other parents know there is another way, a natural, nontoxic way to help our children and our loved ones.

The cancer resource center has the information here in Carson City, Nevada and is willing to share it with others.
Everytime there is a cancer function, we spread the news to all that are willing to listen and take that great step of faith. Tim Matson and his father Gary Matson have experienced all of this first hand and they have huge hearts and compassion to help others survive the awful battle with cancer. They truly brought hope back into our lives. We will continue to share our news with you regarding Daniel's MRIs, which are every 3 months. His next MRI is on Oct. 16, 2003 so we will stay in touch and keep spreading the news about this God-sent product.

Best Wishes,

Kelly Barnes

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