Name: Danny Dominquez

Date: April 18th,2001

Subject: Brain Tumor-GBM IV


Danny's Testimonial

Warm Greetings:

I am going to briefly explain through this letter the hardest and most difficult moments that we have gone through with my son Danny.

On December 27th my son's headaches were diagnosed as "migraines" by his pediatrician and his orthomologist.
On December 28th he was retested due to the fact that he developed paralysis on his left side of his body. During his hospitalization a diagnosis of a cerebral tumor was made (a stem malignant glioma).

Danny was admitted for 94 days into the hospital with serious respiratory problems; fevers up to 104 degrees, heart pain with many vascular complications. He eventually received chemotherapy. We were told 3 times by the doctors that his life expectancy was zero. At this point he began taking the Poly-MVA.

Since starting on the Poly-MVA Feb. 26, 2001, Danny's improvement has surprised both his Nuerologist and Oncologist. Testing has revealed that not only has his tumors been reduced 70%, the edema caused from trauma to the brain has also been significantly reduced.

Danny has regained use of his extremities. He no longer suffers from facial paralysis and therefore has regained his ability to speak. His prognosis has gone from terminal to excellent.

Currently Danny recovers at home, always smiling and is preparing himself to celebrate his 8th birthday on May 14th. The merits of his recovery are for all that have participated in his treatment and to his better doctor, God. Danny is a living testimony to the grace of God and his son Jesus Christ. Truly a miracle. Dr. Peraza, thank you for your interest in my son and providing us with the Poly-MVA.

Daniel Alvarez Dominguez

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