Name: Jim Storc

Diagnosed: Thanksgiving night, 2003

Diagnosis: GBM4 Brain Tumor

Address: 41037 N Rt 83

Antioch, IL 60002


Date: 2/13/2007

Jim with his Grandaughter


Date Started Poly-MVA: January '04
Dosage Amount: started at 8 tsp a day. Now at 1 tsp a day

My Poly-MVA written by my wife, Cindy

It was
Thanksgiving night, 2003, after a wonderful time with family, that Jim had a Grand Mal Seizure. I was sound asleep when I heard the crash as he fell to the floor. We have led a very charmed life and I had never seen anyone in that condition before. I didn't know what was happening as I called 911, held onto Jim and begged God to spare his life. He came to as the rescue squad arrived and he was so confused. I remember being thankful it wasn't a heart attack...little did I know at that time but our life was going to be turned upside down.

While sitting in the car waiting for the rescue squad to leave I made some phone calls to ask friends to start praying. I was blessed when I pulled up to the hospital and Jim's brother was waiting for me. My sister in law had gone in with the ETM's. She is in the medical profession and held our hands through out the whole thing. When I got to Jim he looked fine...a little tired but I thought wow, they are going to check him out and we'll be able to go home.
He went home a week in a half later minus a piece of his brain.

The diagnosis was GBM...glioblastoma multiforme which is a grade 4 brain tumor. His surgery was on December 3rd, 2003. We were told to enjoy our Christmas together because it would probably be our last. Jim never believed them but I felt my whole world was falling apart. Twenty people came over right after his surgery to pray over him and anoint him with oil. That was the beginning of my prayer chain and my link to sanity. I asked people to pray as I searched on line for survivors and alternative treatments.

He took one chemo pill as I read the warnings to him. We both were in shock as we read them. I called our family doctor and he called the oncologist who said they didn't really have any good statistics on the Temodar. I asked if he would give it to his wife and he said no.

Well, that was that. I needed to find something fast. Jim was 2 weeks out of surgery and on his way to 6 weeks of radiation followed by the rotating gamma. I spent day and night researching what other survivors were doing and put together a protocol that I could only pray would work.

I spent a month on the computer and realized my anxiety issues stemmed from all the reading
I was many were dying...I couldn't take it anymore. I decided I needed to
move on but what if I missed that magic pill?

I gave it one more shot praying that if I missed something it would show up and
low and behold PolyMVA showed up. I can't remember how it happened but there it was. I had never seen it before but it was here now. I did some research on the poly and I emailed people. They wrote back with wonderful testimonies and Jim decided he would give it a try.

He continued to have seizures, his left side getting weaker and weaker. As summer progressed they got worse. Jim went to a neurologist for an adjustment on the seizures meds and the doctor was horrible. He basically said it was back and if it wasn't it would be. He sent us on our way with a handful of anti depressants saying he would need them. We got into the car and cried.

On the way home, we decided we didn't have to believe him. He spent all of 5 minutes with us and decided Jim's life was way! This was in August '04.

Jim was still having seizures and his neuro-surgeon said he thought they were caused by edema from radio-necrosis. We had planned a 3 week camping trip in September and had a wonderful time but I could see Jim was going down hill. September 21, '04 MRI came back slight thickening therefore a PET scan was ordered for 10/7. In the mean time he started dropping things and his speech was slurred. He was dragging his leg and his eyes looked blank.
They kept increasing his Decadron and he would appear to get better only for a short time.

On 10/11 he had a really bad seizure in the morning...the worst since his grand mal 10 months earlier.
That afternoon he had a double whammy grand mal in our pickup. He almost didn't make it. Here we are again in ER waiting...always waiting! The surgeon said it was back.

The PET had come back showing no cancer activity but the surgeon didn't agree.
Oct. 18th, 2004 another surgery but it was
98% necrosis(DEAD TISSUE)
and they couldn't identify the remaining 2 %.

It has been a rough road and after the 2nd surgery things didn't look good but here he is 3+ years later. Still tumor free! He never quit running his business, rides his bike (weather permitting) 20-30 miles 4-5 days a week.
He skis, goes white water general is living a very healthy life.

Jim with his Family during their Ski Trip to
Breckenridge, Colorado in February 2007

We believe prayer, PolyMVA along with diet change and other nutritional support were key to Jim's survival. As of 2/13/07 Jim's MRI's continue to come back cancer free. The only problems he has ever had were caused by radiation damage.

Cindy Storc

UPDATE: Febuary 8, 2010


Most of you don't realize but we have come back to IL for Jim's MRI. He had his tests today and saw the Dr. and again his tests all came back clear. We are feeling very blessed and very happy. He is now over 6 years tumor free.

Six years ago we couldn't see any further then the end of the day and now we talk about our future. I know I have said it before but again, thank you for your support and prayers over the years.

We are loving Colorado and spending time with our beautiful little grand daughter. It has been great to come "home" and see friends and family but are looking forward to getting back to our new home. We should be back some time next summer for Jim's next MRI.

Again, thank you for caring and love to all,

Jim and Cindy

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