Name: Paul Weiner

Date: September 17, 2002

Diagnosis: Medulloblastoma


Paul's Testimonial

Dear Friends,

Beginning in May of 2000
my son, Paul Weiner, began vomiting in the morning unexplainably. After these symptoms became worse, we finally took him to Hershey Medical center on 7/04/00. He was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a deadly, highly aggressive, brain tumor. He had an operation to remove his tumor the following week.

We were given two weeks to decide what post-surgery treatment option to follow. They wanted to administer chemotherapy and radiation. I wanted to search out my options, having already been predisposed to natural remedies. After searching the Internet, I came across a relatively non-toxic treatment called antineoplastons that was administered in a clinic in Houston, Texas. Antineoplastons were designed to repair the tumor cell so that it would die naturally. In stark contrast, conventional treatments were designed to kill the tumor cells, which also kills good cells thus causing serious side effects.

I soon discovered that FDA mandated that Paul must fail conventional treatment before he could enroll in the clinical trial using antineoplastons. I had no other choice at this point. No other alternative therapies held out much hope to knock out this deadly monster growing in my son's brain (I discovered that two other children with medulloblastoma had gone to Mexico to try laetrile and other treatments only to see their tumors continue to grow.).

On August 1, 2000, I enrolled my son in a clinical trial using high dose chemotherapy, in an effort to avoid radiation therapy. Paul completed this in January 2001. And thankfully he was now in remission. But I knew that medulloblastoma was a highly recurrent tumor. So I continued to look for natural products that would increase his chance of survival. It was then I read about PolyMVA. When I learned that it also worked on the principle of fixing cancer cells so they would die naturally, I put Paul on PolyMVA in March of 2001. He has been on it for the last 18 months. I also started Paul on high dosages of
CoQ 10 when I saw that there some clinical trials that were done testing this natural substance on cancer patients with encouraging results.

Paul's MRI's(he gets them every three months) have continued to remain clear to this date (9/17/02). He is doing very well mentally and physically. Only God knows what the final outcome for Paul will be. But I have the peace of knowing that I am doing everything I can to give him the best shot of surviving.


Todd Weiner

UDATE: 2-12-2004

Dear Friends,

On January 9th 2004, Paul had another MRI which, thank God, was still clear. This marked the third year since Paul has finished his conventional treatments. Paul has been on the Poly almost three years now. I have used the PolyMVA and CoQ10 as a preventitive. Paul has done extremely well. We continue to want to use things that increased his chances of survival from a very deadly tumor.


Todd Weiner

UDATE: 1/14/2005

Dear Friends,

Since my last update of 2/04, Paul has had two MRI's, one in July of 2004 and one today, 1/14/05. Both of these MRI's have been clear and, of course, we are exceedingly thankful to God that he is doing so well and for everyday we have with Paul. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

Todd Weiner

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