L. Jones

Colon Cancer Stage 3 C

February 14, 2007



February 14, 2007

I was diagnosed with colon cancer 2/14/07 at 62 years of age. That same day I visited my primary care physician, Dr. Robert Milne, who prescribed Poly-MVA.
After taking Poly-MVA only a few days, I began to feel stronger despite being severely anemic from the colon cancer lesion causing bleeding.

In early March I had a right hemi-colectomy (half of my colon removed) and post surgical pathology report revealed the
cancer had permeated my bowel wall and spread to nine lymph nodes, making the cancer stage 3C which I learned statically provides 40-45% chance of surviving five years. My oncologist encouraged me by saying my odds were more like 50% with surgery alone, and that chemotherapy would improve that outlook. I took Poly-MVA throughout all of my treatments, stopping it 48 hours before until 48 hours after each treatment. Each time when I restarted the Poly-MVA, I experienced a rapid recovery from the previous chemo treatment. I completed eight rounds of chemotherapy, which I tolerated much better than I ever imagined I would, a fact I attribute to the Poly-MVA. In August 2007, I had a PET scan which showed no residual colon cancer.

However, the PET scan did show a small spot on my breast, which turned out to be
stage 1C breast cancer, a tumor that my oncologist estimated had been there at least two years and probably longer. This tumor was HER positive which made it potentially aggressive, yet it was grade 1 ( slower growing) and had other favorable reducing its lethality, I had a mastectomy and four rounds of chemo, stopping Poly-MVA 24 hours before until 24 hours after each treatment. Again, the Poly-MVA helped me recover from each treatment and I tolerated the treatments better than expected.

Then I had five more months of Herceptin without stopping the Poly-MVA. I was prescribed an aromatase inhibitor which causes a post-menopausal woman's estrogen to drop to undetectable levels, but I experienced the side effects of episodic arrhythmia and stopped the drug. Now I take only Poly-MVA and a few other supplements.

As I write this testimonial in April 2010, I have had three more clear PET scans. I chose to use all tolls available to treat the cancer-Poly-MVA, chemo, lots of veggie juice, daily walking, yoga, and other supplements given to me by Dr. Milne.

I would never, ever have chemo without Poly-MVA
. I believe without the Poly-MVA not only would I have had more negative side effects from the chemo; I would not have had the same positive results. I believe the Poly-MVA saved my life.

I have an extensive history of cancer in my family, and I intend to continue taking Poly-MVA indefinitely both to avoid a recurrence of the colon and breast cancers and to prevent a future new cancer.


L. Jones

Update: 2/17/12
It is now 5 years since I was diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer, and I have no recurrence of either the colon or breast cancer. While I realize there are never guarantees, I am delighted to have reached the 5 years mark, and I believe PolyMVA has helped me get to this point. Indeed, I believe Poly saved my life.

I still take Poly at a dosage of 2 tsp 3 times a day, but this dosage may be reduced to twice a day when I see my doctor in a few weeks.

I plan to take Poly for the rest of my life since there is a high incidence of cancer in my family and I have been diagnosed with 2 primary cancers. My experience with Poly is extremely positive and I regularly recommend it to family, friends and acquaintances who encounter cancer.

L. Jones

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