Name: Brian Mullen

Subject: Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Date: June 26, 2001




God's Miracle Healing of Brian Mullen Using Poly MVA
Letter written by Dr. John Mullen (Brian's Father)

On Sunday, September 10, 2000, Brian Mullen, age 32, was diagnosed at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL); the Leukemia was present in 98% of his bone marrow.

The doctors gave Brian little chance of surviving through the weekend. During this time Emory University was offering an experimental research study. If Brian survived, he would undergo treatment for the following 2+ years. Even with this treatment, Brian was given a 40% chance of surviving another 5 years.

It became necessary for us to explore other treatment facilities. Based on Brian's critical condition and his aggressive Leukemia, American Biologics, with centers in Chula Vista, CA and Tijuana, Mexico, was the best facility to treat Brian's illness. No other hospital was offering an individualized cancer treatment using integrated medicine that could help Brian.

The physician team at American Biologics chose Poly-MVA as a key ingredient in the treatment protocol to fight Brian's Leukemia. Brian took his Poly-MVA dosages in water with meals; and within a month of treatment, Brian was in full remission - with 0% Leukemia cells in his bone marrow. An amazing recovery - beating all odds.

Brian continues to this day to take Poly-MVA and is doing very well. His blood chemistry is evaluated every two weeks with periodic bone marrow tests. Brian is experiencing excellent health and is living a conventional life with his wife and daughter in Marietta, Georgia.


Dr. John Mullen


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