Olivia Jones

Date: May 15, 2003

Diagnosis: Pre-B Acute Lymphocytic



Olivia's Testimonial

Dear Tim,

I should have sent this story to you long ago to add to your current list of testimonials, but wonderful, normal, day-to-day living delayed it. Here is Olivia's story:

Our 3 year old daughter, Olivia, was diagnosed with Pre-B Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia on May 30, 2001. Within 2 days of her diagnosis chemotherapy was begun at the hurried encouragement of her doctors. We were assured that this type of Leukemia was "the one to have since the cure rate was so high". Olivia underwent infusion of chemo, injections of chemo, oral medications including steroids, anti-biotics and anti-fungals for 1 month at which time we were told to expect her to go into remission since the cure rate was 85%! After that we planned on her continuing chemotherapy for another 2 years to keep the cancer from recurring, this would include a 1 week per month hospital stay for intensive infusion.

Well guess what?
After 1 month Olivia did not go into remission. Instead her prognosis became much worse. Her doctors insisted that she start a new chemo treatment immediately that would be much more aggressive. We were told that her chance of recovery was so minimal that her only hope was a bone marrow transplant with extensive pre-op medications and radiation treatments to properly prepare her body for the donor bone marrow.

While Olivia continued her care with the local hospital, we learned more about her actual chances of recovery and we began to look much more desperately for alternative care of this illness. We had learned that the complications of the bone marrow transplant could be as deadly as the cancer itself.
We found that most medical communities, and traditional medical doctors will not encourage the family of a child with cancer to look, consider or (God forbid) try any treatment other than that which is currently the accepted norm.

We sought other opinions on Olivia's diagnosis and treatment from hospitals in Dallas and Houston, Texas; Orange and Los Angeles, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Mexico, even Switzerland. Each opinion was the same, that children are not ever treated differently than the accepted norm by the medical community,
because of legal liabilities (parents not being legally able to determine the course of their minor child's care should it go against the medical practitioner wishes), or because nothing alternative has ever been tried and documented for others to consider.

Olivia had a total of 3 rounds of various chemotherapies and finally was only in temporary remission.
The Doctors were insisting that radiation and a bone marrow transplant were the only treatments that might save her life. They stated that even with these treatments the chances of her surviving the 100 days following these treatments was very small.

If she did survive the first 100 days then the odds would increase. Following this news we then made the decision to try only alternative medicines, to see just what would happen.
We went against medical advice and decided Olivia would not receive any more chemotherapy nor the bone marrow transplant. We received no resistance from her doctors when we took her off of their treatment program. We can only conclude that they realized her prognosis was so poor that they did not fight us on this issue.

Unfortunately, we have heard of many other families whose children were not allowed to pursue alternative treatments.
In some instances doctors and child protective services case workers took families to court to control treatment.

We learned about Poly-MVA from Dee Simmons, the founder and chairman of Ultimate Living International, a nutritional products manufacturing and distribution company. This is a company with which my father, Gary King, served as a vice-president prior to his retirement.
We were also greatly encouraged by Brian Mullen, another Poly-MVA survivor, who has been in remission for several years from Adult ALL Leukemia.

Olivia weighed 30 pounds at this time and so
began taking 2 teaspoons of Poly-MVA daily about 10 weeks into her illness. She continued on 2 teaspoons a day for 4 months and then once we believed her remission was secure we cut back to 1 teaspoon daily. Today she continues on 1 teaspoon for maintenance.

She also takes Ezzeac Plus Tea and Green Miracle for children from Ultimate Living . She additionally takes Transfer Factor Plus and Microhydrin Powder. We improved her diet with children's vegetable and fruit supplements from Juice Plus, lots of bottled water, organic food products (where they were available), increased her fruit and vegetable intake and completely stopped any "fast food or processed food" products including all sugar.

Currently Olivia still has her blood levels tested once a month.
She is still in remission, she is getting taller and weighs 45 pounds. She has gotten all of her hair back, has loads of energy, and is doing everything that a little 5 year old girl would do.

We were told that Olivia would not survive for two months if we did not immediately have the bone marrow transplant in August, 2001. We are thrilled to prove that the medical community does not know everything. We firmly believe that we were blessed with friends, family, and a religious guidance to help us through this very trying last two years to arrive at this blessed, miraculous life that we have today.

Thank you for all of the help that you have given us. Feel free to forward any questions to

Kandis and Joseph Jones
McKinney, Texas

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