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The following testimonials are written by Metastatic Lung Cancer Survivors who have heroically fought Lung Cancer. They have offered to share their stories with you in

order to let you know that you have OPTIONS, and what some of these options are.

These testimonials are for information purposes only & we do not advocate that

this treatment is for everyone. Prior to changing your metastatic cancer treatment ,

please check with your physician for recommendations specific to your symptoms.



#1 Testimonial

John Flint


Date: July 23, 2000


Diagnosis: Lung Cancer Stage 4


4 Updates
4-12-2001 – 12-03-03 – 7-06-04 - 4-25-16


John's Testimonial
On September 1997 I started having difficulties with reading comprehension, I could read a sentence but could not understand what it meant. Within a week I also developed strong headaches.......That same weekend my headaches were so bad that I went to the emergency room of the local hospital.

After a very short examination the doctor concluded that I had a bad set of headaches but "one thing you do not have are brain tumors". I felt reassured that I did not have anything serious and went home. As the headaches kept getting worse and I became more and more disoriented, I managed to obtain an appointment with a young neurologist. After a ten minute examination,
she sent me for a cat-scan and within a few hours she gave us the bad news that I had two large brain tumors. She also suggested that the brain tumors were probably not primary and that they probably had metastasised from somewhere else. That day our life changed forever. The quick action of that neurologist might be one reason that I am still alive.

Within a few days they identified the primary
as a large lung tumor, non small cell carcinoma, that had spread to the brain. I was rated as stage 4. During the next few weeks I saw 3 different oncologists, they all gave me a prognosis of 3 months to a year at most.....

..... Others have chemicals that are necessary for some cancers to grow but also contain chemicals that are poisonous to the tumor -
Poly MVA.

To date, most of the data show that no single chemical is 100% effective and that taking more than one product increases chances of survival. Some are probably more effective than others, none of them are harmful. The cost of many of these products is relatively small.

It has been 3 years since I was first diagnosed. To date
I have no sign of any visible tumors in the brain or lung .... Read Full Report
#2 Testimonial
Ronny Rudley


Date: December 7, 2006

Diagnosis: Lung Cancer
Stage II with mets to Lymph Nodes



3 Updates

1-21-08 - 4-08-10 - 9-1-2018

Ronny's Testimonial
Here I am ! I am alive....I am healthy and happy !! Life is fantastic !!

It wasn't always like this and here's why...2 years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer....not just one but two. There were two cancers in one tumor.

How lucky can you get?

The names of these cancers are Bronchioalveolar and Adenocarcinoma. I also had 4 lymph nodes that were affected. The sizes of these lymph nodes and tumor is important. The
tumor was in Stage 2.... the size was 2.8 the lymph nodes varied from 1.4 to 1.9. I immediately called Amarc and spoke to Gary. That week I received my Poly-MVA and started taking it that day.

In November 2004, actually Thanksgiving week, I had lung surgery. I was Thankful, very thankful. For the 3 months I was on PolyMVA, my tumor with 2 cancers had shrunk from 2.8 to 1.9...Stage 2 to...... Stage 1......

I had refused Chemo and/or Radiation and never suffered any side effects such as nausea, hair loss, and severe weakness. I continue taking the Poly MVA and all the supplements every day. I have tremendous energy and today I am alive and well in Las Vegas.

Thank you, Dr. Garnett...for making Poly MVA possible. Thank you POLY MVA for keeping me healthy
.....   Read Full Report















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#3 Testimonial

Freda Amway


Date: March 21, 2005


Diagnosis: Lung Cancer


4 Updates
5-05-11 – 4-02-12 – 5-19-15 – 12-03-18

Freda's Testimonial
I am a 60 year-young woman that started smoking when I was 14-15 years old and I smoked until I was 36 years of age. I had developed high blood pressure and thought if I quit smoking it would help stop the blood pressure problem, it didn't. My husband still smoked in the house. I was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2000 after having bronchitus two years in a row around the same time of the year....

.......I had a breathing problem that caused the Doctor to take a chest x-ray. She was looking for pneumonia and thought the x-ray was good but the
radiologist found the shadow that proved to be stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasized to the liver and the adrenal glands.

The oncologist stated I had 6 to 9 months to live if I did nothing, or a year or a little more IF I did the chemotherapy, which I did. I did get sick, lost my hair and became very weak....

I had had two heart attacks, the first one I never knew about but the back right part of the heart muscle is dead and does not beat. At first they said the attacks were from my high blood pressure and NOT from the chemotherapy, but later the oncologist stated we couldn't do anymore chemotherapy because of what it had did to my heart.

..... on
Oct 23, 2004 I started taking the PolyMVA at 8 teaspoons a day. My sister had taken me earlier to see Dr. Mary Schrick and had me tested and bought the supplies for me, but my Dr. said I should not take this with the chemo.( I now wish I had earlier). I refused to start up the chemotherapy again.

Thanksgiving I was feeling good enough to fix the meal and by Christmas I was like a new woman.

In Feb. I had a chest x-ray and they didn' t see anything so we had a pet scan done two weeks later and the nurse was so excited she had goose bumps as she said
there is nothing on the liver and nothing on the adrenals and the place on the lung is only 2cm. in size where it had been 3 inches in size. .....  Read Full Report
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