Name: Alexandra Marquart

Diagnosis: Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Date: July 2004



Alexandra's Testimonial

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the left Lung - ie lung cancer and to prepare for the worst anywhere from 6 - 24 months.

This was in July of 2004.

I had given up all hope and my faith was greatly shaken. My oldest son began looking for help anywhere he could think of and he found PolyMVA. Thru his encouragement I began PolyMVA on 10/1/04 taking 8 tsp a day.

I began conventional treatments of chemo and palliative radiation.
The cancer was spread to bones and brain. I continued with PolyMVA thru all treatments and the doctors were impressed with my blood tests and my ability to withstand the terrible side effects from chemo.

I have been on PolyMVA since 10/04 and have varied from 8 to 14 tsp per day.

I have returned to work fulltime and thank God for the time I've been given to accept my situation and find peace.

Thank God and Poly MVA for that time.

My lung cancer has been stable for over a year and I have a brain met which will be treated with Gamma Knife next month.

I feel wonderful and pray PolyMVA can become part of every cancer patients treatment.


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