Name: Freda Amway

Diagnosis: Stage IV Lung Cancer with mets to Liver and Adrenal Glands

Date: March 31, 2005

Location: Yukon, Oklahoma




Freda's Testimonial

I am a 60 year-young woman that started smoking when I was 14-15 years old and I smoked until I was 36 years of age. I had developed high blood pressure and thought if I quit smoking it would help stop the bloodpressure problem, it didn't. My husband still smoked in the house. I was diagnosed with cronic obstructive pulmanary disease in 2000 after having bronchitus two years in a row around the same time of the year. The Dr. put me on inhalers for this,

I was on these for 4 years before I had a breathing problem that caused the Doctor to take a chest x-ray. She was looking for pneumonia and thought the x-ray was good but the radiologist found the shadow that proved to be stage 4 lung cancer that had mestasized to the liver and the adrenal glands. The oncologist stated I had 6 to 9 months to live if I did nothing, or a year or a little more IF I did the chemotherapy, which I did. I did get sick, lost my hair and became very weak. I had a flu shot the first part of October and a day or two later I became very weak and breathless, we all thought I was having a reaction the the flu vaccine, but nobody checked anything.

Eventully my oncologist thought I should have a heart checkup and we found that I had had two heart attacks , the first one I never knew about but the back right part of the heart muscle is dead and does not beat. At first they said the attacks were from my high blood pressure and NOT from the chemotherapy, but later the oncologist stated we couldn't do anymore chemotherapy because of what it had did to my heart.

We were in a hold position waiting for my strength to build up.
I didn't like not doing anything so on Oct 23, 2004 I started taking the PolyMVA at 8 teaspoons a day. My sister had taken me earlier to see Dr. Mary Schrick and had me tested and bought the supplies for me, but my Dr. said I should not take this with the chemo.( I now wish I had earlier). I refused to start up the chemotherapy again.

By Thanksgiving I was feeling good enough to fix the meal and by Christmas I was like a new woman. In Feb. I had a chest x-ray and they didn' t see anything so we had a pet scan done two weeks later and the nurse was so excited she had goose bumps as she said there is nothing on the liver and nothing on the adrenals and the place on the lung is only 2cm. in size where it had been 3 inches in size.

I feel great and have energy to climb the stairs to get to my Sunday school class, I could ride the elevator but why when you feel good enough to climb the stairs!!!
I thank my heavenly Father for His miraculous healing and for the natural product of the PolyMVA that helped do the healing. I will try to send my picture but if I can't get this to work I will mail one to you. Waiting to hear from you and oh, yes I just joined the PolyMVA group on Yahoo. Freda

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