Name: Howard Parks

Diagnosis: stage 3B lung cancer (Adenocarcinoma)

Date: January 2009



Howard's Testimonial

Use of Poly-MVA from March 2009 to March 2010

I was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer (Adenocarcinoma) in January 2009 and
had surgery 1-16-09 to remove the upper and middle lobes of my right lung. In February I went to Santa Rosa to be treated by Dr. Rowen and spent four days in his office receiving a variety of treatments to strengthen my immune system and attack the cancer cells.

In March of 09 I enrolled in the health program and began to take Poly-MVA,
three teaspoons four times per day. I continued at this rate through March 2010. I also received IV C, 75 grams twice weekly at Dr. Shaw's office not too far from my home. On the days I received vitamin C, I did not take Poly so I was taking Poly 5 days per week.
I also took carnivore, which is made from the Venus flytrap plant and has a long history of use beginning in Germany more than 20 years ago.

My general health remained good overall even though I have diabetes, GERD, and prostate problems. I do suffer with much fatigue.
Each PET scan showed improvement in that the Standard Uptake Value (SUV) of the small nodes in my lungs shrank as time passed, the cancer never progressed anywhere else in my body, nor did I ever have pain or any discomfort ad a direct result of the cancer.

I did change my diet, eating no red meat, but having seafood and some chicken. I do consume a good amount of fresh vegetables and fruit. I have reduced my carbohydrate intake and never eat rice or pasta, and very little mushroom pizza. I do have some small desserts such as half a brownie occasionally.
I am aware that cancer cells feed on sugar and as a diabetic must restrict my glucose intake.

Overall I deem to be staying ahead of the cancer and winning the war against it. It is impossible to say what part the Poly played since I have been taking Vit C and Carnivora with the Poly in my daily regimen.

I have cut back somewhat on the amount of Poly I take each day, and have cut back on my IV C as well. My next PET scan in two or three months will tell if that was a wise decision or not.

At no time have I had any chemotherapy or radiation. The cancer board at the local hospital forbid my having radiation from the very beginning. I would not have consented to that even if it had been recommended.

The oncologist who is kind enough to order my PET scan said, " it is too bad you are not having chemo because then I could take credit for how well you are doing"

I guess that says it all!


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