Name: Michael Dresser
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

Diagnosis: Maintenance of Lung Cancer
Stage 3B

Date: December 19, 2006



Michael's Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Michael Dresser, and
in 1997 I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Lung Cancer. During surgery, the doctor removed my right lung, part of the lining of my heart and a 5cm tumor. There was residual Cancer left on my heart, which was inoperable. I was given eighteen months to live.

I chose not to be treated with the conventional radiation and chemotherapy. I decided instead, to go to San Diego to the Livingston Foundation Medical Center, where I was treated with vaccines in an alternative immunotherapy program.

Needles to say, the treatment was successful. It's been eight years since the surgery and in those eight years I am still in the vaccine. Each year I send a fluid specimen to the lab and from that they gather the culture to make the vaccines specific to me.

Over a year ago, I found PolyMVA and have been using it since. Last year, when I called the lab because my immune antigen was late getting to me I was told that it was difficult for them to gather the bacteria to make it and they asked me if I was was taking PolyMVA. Why did they ask this question? (Because POLY MVA not only kills anaerobic cancer cells. It kills anaerobic bacteria, amoeba, yeasts etc)

I would recommend Poly for preventative, and or treatment if someone has cancer. I would be more than happy to tell my story anywhere or anytime. Thank you PolyMVA for making my life a little more secure.

Michael Dresser
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

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