Name: Ronny Rudley

Diagnosis: Lung Cancer Stage II with mets to Lymph Nodes

Date: December 7, 2006

Address: Las Vegas, Nevada



Ronny's Testimonial

Here I am ! I am alive....I am healthy and happy !! Life is fantastic !!
It wasn't always like this and here's why...
2 years ago I was diagnosed
with lung cancer
....not just one but two. There were two cancers in one tumor.

How lucky can you get ?
The names of these cancers are Bronchioalveolar and Adenocarcinoma. I also had 4 lymph nodes that were affected. The sizes of these lymph nodes and tumor is important. The tumor was in Stage 2.... the size was 2.8 the lymph nodes varied from 1.4 to 1.9. I immediately called Amarc and spoke to Gary. That week I received my Poly-MVA and started taking it that day.

In November 2004, actually Thanksgiving week, I had lung surgery. I was Thankful, very thankful.
For the 3 months I was on PolyMVA, my tumor with 2 cancers had shrunk from 2.8 to 1.9...Stage 2 to Stage 1 !

Two of the lymph nodes were gone and the other 2 became very small shrinking down from 1.9 to 1.4 and the second lymph node had shrunk from 1.5 to 1.2.
The surgery was successful and my cancer markers have gotten lower and lower. In March of 2005 my cancer markers were 1.1. In Sept. 2006 it is the lowest so far at 0.6.

I had refused Chemo and/or Radiation and never suffered any side effects such as nausea, hair loss, and severe weakness. I continue taking the Poly MVA and all the supplements every day. I have tremendous energy and today I am alive and well in Las Vegas.

Thank you, Dr. Garnett...for making PolyMVA possible.
Thank you POLYMVA for keeping me healthy..!!!
Second Update: January 21, 2008
Hello Everyone.... I am now 3 years clear of lung cancer. I do get nervous when its time for the Pet Scan and Blood Test..I think all cancer survivors feel the same way.
Lung Cancer is one of the few that you can survive - providing you don't do only Chemo or Radiation.

When I was told I had a mass in my lung, the first thing I did when I returned home was to call Amarc - the Poly people..(that's what I call them) PolyMVA saved my life. I had to see an oncologist and I really thought that when I explained everything to him about Poly, he would understand. GUESS WHAT??? Not only did he NOT understand, he told me he would not ALLOW me to take fact, he would only allow me to take Chemo and/or Radiation. Can you imagine someone telling you that you can't do something to save your life?!!!

We kind of argued without an know, agree to disagree... sooo I just said to him ..Why don't I just take the PET Scan and then we can talk about this..... and ...he agreed!

When I left him, I called a very well known Alternative MD on the West side of town. (My town being the Las Vegas area) He gave me the name of an oncologist and surgeon who are sympathetic to Poly use. I don't know if I'm allowed to mention their names - so I won't. I don't want to see anyone so wonderful to have problems.

Well, at that point I had stage 2 lung cancer with 4 lymph nodes.. 2 at 1.9 and 2 smaller. The Lung Cancer had 2 cancers in one tumor..Bronchoalveolar and Adenocarcinoma. My oncologist told me that about 2% of the population had two in one tumor.. It seems as tho I was always in the 2% category of whatever happens..

As soon as the Poly arrived along with COQ10, Liver Flush, Calcium, and an immune booster, I spoke with Gary Matson...and that started our 3 year relationship, so far..
We figured out how to take the Poly because in those days, we had to monitor the food and Poly, as things were a little different than they are now..and believe me it was tough.. Gary introduced me to my Poly friend, Marylin and together we struggled thru the time element of taking Poly, even getting up during the night to make sure it was every so many hours.. It was worth every minute because in 3 months, the stage 2 cancer was down to stage 1, and of the 4 nodes, 2 were "gone", and the 2 larger were now very small.. It was then that I had the surgery.

I must mention that my oncologist was obligated to tell me about Chemo. The Chemo he wanted me to take - Arissa - was taken off the market 2 months later for causing several deaths. Now he just says, keep doing what you have been doing... Sooo.... Here I am 3 years later.... my blood reading is the lowest it has been, and the PET Scan is as clear as a bell !!!.

Thank you again and again for the PolyMVA. - YAY !!!!

Third Update - April 8, 2010
I recently had my 5 year scan and blood test. Everything is AOK...

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