Name: Cecil Hayden

Diagnosis: Lymphoma Stage IV

Date: January 19, 2007

Address: Dayton, Ohio




Cecil's Testimonial

This is the story of Cecil F. Hayden's fight with cancer. In Feb. 1990 I was diagnosed with slow growing lymphoma in stage 4. My oncologist put me on an aggressive program of chemotherapy. It was given once a week for 3 weeks each month and repeated each month for 6 months. He used 13 or 14 different chemicals and this put the cancer in remission.

Then in 1997, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My urologist removed 65 grams of tissue and put me on 35 rounds of radiation.

In Sep. 1999, the lymphoma returned at level 3.
the first time it was at level 2. A tumor came up, very suddenly, about the size of an english walnut under the right side of my jaw. It was very painful.

I take a news letter from
Dr. Stephen Sinatra in which he said that if he got cancer he would take POLY-MVA. On a Friday, I ordered 4 bottles and it came on Monday. That same Monday morning I had a CT Scan which had been ordered by my oncologist after I told him about the tumor. The POLY-MVA came on that Monday afternoon and I started taking it right away.

I saw my oncologist 2 weeks later
. The CT Scan showed the size of the tumor but it had shrunk to about the size of a small bean by the time I got in to see my oncologist. He did not recommend any treatment but took a wait and see approach. I continued to take the POLY-MVA and the tumor continued to shrink until he could no longer feel it. It would only show on a CT Scan. I still take a maintenance dose of the POLY-MVA and the cancer is still under control after 7-1/2 years.

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