Name: Dr. Donna South, CTN

Diagnosis: Stage IV Melanoma

Date: July, 2006

Location: Escondido, CA



Donna's Testimonial

In April, 2006,
I was diagnosed with class 4 terminal melanoma. For about ten to twelve years before this I had kept asking my MD about this “spot” on my left shin. He always stated that I “must have shaved my leg too closely and it changed the pigmentation of my skin”. About a year before my diagnoses I had noticed that this “spot” had started to very subtlety change in shape and size. After being dismissed by my MD, a friend of mine, a PhD, told me about a completely natural treatment called “Vitae Elixxir” and that this product only kills cancer cells and not healthy cells.

It is a test and a treatment. When applied if the area burns it is malignant and if it doesn’t it is a healthy area. It burned like I would assume acid on your skin would. I began to burn two areas on this left leg. After the first burning process, July 2001, I went to the MD for pain management. He saw the full blown melanoma that came forth during the healing process with an area the size of an orange.
Each burn is like peeling an onion layer by layer until the tissues are clean and cancer free. He told me to immediately, check into the hospital to have surgical removal of this area. Also stated that if it did not work that I would have to have my left leg amputated above the hip. I told this MD, thanks, but No THANKS! He told me to go home, get my “papers” in order and that I would be lucky to have three months to live.

I continued on my healing/burning journey. A few people, I was one of them, have severe side effects from the Vitae Elixxir and the burning process with your body trying to throw off the toxic cancer die off. I would go seven days at a time with no food and the only water was in the form of ice chips that I absorbed sublingually as anything, even a teaspoon of water would start vomiting. The hydrochloric acid would burn my throat and mouth and etch the enamel on my teeth in addition to weight loss.
My normal weight was around 117 to 119 I had dropped to just above 97 pounds. The Vitae Elixxir was working just fine but these side effects and the weakness were beginning to take my life away from me.

At this point I went onto the PolyMVA. After just 5 days I had a huge energy boost and began to start to feel better and enjoy food. My family started to notice the changes to the good early with this treatment. After eight weeks on this program I had regained the weight I had lost and was back to my normal weight and NO MORE vomiting. The PolyMVA completely stabilized my condition. I sincerely believe that the PolyMVA kept the cancer from metastasizing into my internal organs.

I continued to stay on the program until after a few months on the maintenance dose. Being a naturopathic doctor myself, I decided to try and test out a few different natural cancer treatments. I have gone through about 30 burns at this point in my life and I have about three more to go. Some of the burns have been on my right leg so I know that the MD would have recommended that my right leg also be amputated again above the hip . The Vitae Elixxir was the fastest way to get the cancer killed and out of the muscles.

I really feel that without the PolyMVA for internal support I would not be here to write this testimonial. I am again on the PolyMVA for continued maintenance. In July, 2006, I will burn three areas and go back onto full dose of the PolyMVA to protect my internal organs from the chance of this melanoma metastasizing during these burns. After I will go back onto the maintenance dose and most likely stay with that for the rest of my life to prevent any recurrences.

PolyMVA has been one of the most successful treatments I have used for this cancer and it is completely user friendly. My legs are quite scared, but you know what? They are still mine and attached and get me where I need and want to go! Hurray for PolyMVA!!!!! I sincerely know that without this product I would be dead right now.


Dr. Donna South

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Donna South


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