Name: Angelo Volpe

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma and Barretts Esophagus Cancer

Date: August 2004



 Angelo's Story
Starts in September of 2004?

Date Started Poly-MVA: September 2004
Dosage Amount: 2tsp, 4x daily with COq10 for 2 months....then 2tsp 2x daily with COq10 for 1 month....then 1tsp daily with COq10 maintenance thereafter.

My Poly-MVA Story

I was 74 years old when I had my heart by-pass surgery. This was in March of 1999. The outcome was successful. However, there was a problem with my kidneys. The creatinine was 2.9! They eventually brought it down (2.2) and was released. In the years that follow, the reading remains at 1.9 - 2.0.
The hemoglobin count hovered at 9.1 - 10.1. This anemic reading became cause for concern.

In August of 2004, I had gone to a hematologist to check it out.
A biopsy was taken from my hip. The diagnosis .....Multiple Myeloma. Not MGUS or Smoldering but Multiple Myeloma!
The doctor wanted to speak to my family (to tell of my impending doom)

I was truly shaken up, but decided to find out all about it. I went on my computer in search of help. I came upon 'POLY-MVA'.

I read the testimonial of Ken Walker and was greatly relieved. I had found the antidote! He was in his last stages of Multiple Myeloma and was revived by taking POLY-MVA. I basically followed his dosages.
On the third monthly visit to the oncologist, my monoclonal protein level was in the normal range. Each following visits right up to the present day (41/2 years later) , it remains in the normal range.

Back in 2007, I had an endoscopy and was found to have a pre cancerous condition, called BARRETTS ESOPHAGUS. Later, a PET SCAN showed there was cancer.

The decision was made to make an exploratory operation to see how deep it had penetrated. This was to be done in 2 months. I immediately began taking loading doses of POLY-MVA until the operation.

The results had shown that the cancer had not penetrated further. The cancer was removed subsequent procedures. Then the BARRETTS was removed through an ablation process called, Halo treatment. I feel fine now but will continue to check it.

I trust with the continued maintenance of 1 tsp / day of POLY-MVA along with COq10, I will remain cancer free. When I took the loading doses of POLY-MVA with COQ10, I also made sure that I did not consume vitamin C in any form. That is because it nullifies the affects of POLY-MVA. Later, when I went on maintenance of one tsp a day, I began taking vitamin C, but only after six hours have passed.

God bless Dr Merrill Garnett!!

Angelo Volpe, 84 year old cancer survivor!


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