Name: Janice Barsby

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma Stage III

Date: June 25, 2005



"Multiple Myeloma is one of a family of diseases known as Plasma Cell Dyscrasias or abnormalities in the blood. Myeloma is a cancer of the white blood cells or plasma cells.These plasma cells are a very important part of the immune system, which in turn helps the body fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. These Plasma cells are found mainly in the Bone Marrow and develop from white blood cells called B-Lymphocytes. When these plasma cells go wrong, it stops the bone marrow manufacturing red and white blood cells and all the cells needed for the immune system. The "sick" plasma cells then form tumors known as Myeloma."
Janice Barsby

Janice's Testimonial

I have written on this site before but I am updating my story in July 2008 to let you know how things have gone for me. My original diagnosis was October 2004.

"After reading some of the things others have gone through I feel very fortunate. I am a survivor of Stage III Multiple Myeloma (Bone Cancer). This form of cancer affects the bone marrow where your red blood cells are made. The red blood cells cease to be manufactured and your hemoglobin just drops till you have no red blood cells left. This cancer also eats away your bones. Pain is so intense it cannot be described. I slept sitting in a chair for 2 months (before diagnosis) as I could not bear the pain of lying down on my side or back.

I guess my story started in 2003 when my husband became ill, was misdiagnosed and I had about 3 hours sleep a night for 3 months. He had Diverticulitis, acute, with a bowel blockage, and the pressure caused extreme leg and back pain as it pressed on his femoral nerve. After finding the right doctor, he had 10" of his colon removed and was great. Unfortunately this long of a problem caused his heart to be irregular and we spent 6 months correcting that. It was a stressful time. I was bitten, during this time, by a Brown Recluse Spider, and did not realize what it was and that went untreated till it became infected. (Look up the symptoms of a brown recluse spider bite and they are similar to multiple myeloma)

April of 2004 the discomfort in my legs and back accelerated, but with my husband having to have a second surgery, I put it to the back of the burner. I also had to host a convention of 600 singers (my Sweet Adeline Regional Singing Competition came to Boise) that is stress. By September I could hardly move, constant pain, exhaustion, etc. In July and August I visited the doctor, and on my second visit the doc found really abnormal blood work but just 'kissed' it off as unkown. In September same result only blood work was worse.

I have a long time MD in Nevada so In October, when I had to get around on a rented mobile scooter, I went to see him and he immediately sent me to an Oncologist in Idaho. While waiting, I yelled at my regular doc, and told him I was dying and needed a blood transfusion. His reply " I don't need another doctor telling me what to do!" I did get my blood transfusions and a week later met my Oncologist, a lovely lady called Dr Forsythe.
She did a bone marrow test and told me I had cancer (Mulltiple Myeloma) I just sat there and cried. (I will add here I am a retired Registered Nurse. My last position was to work for a world renowned oncologist and open a unit for him in a major hospital. I also gave lots of chemotherapy!)

I agreed to have some radiation, only to Relieve The Pain. I was started on enough pain killer to knock of a horse and was still in agony.
This was the last week in October 2004. I was admitted to the hospital the last couple of days of October as I was a little delirious at times, in total kidney failure and just a mess. Well, my dear husband, had just been frantic over my diagnosis and turned to searching for a cure.

He had just re-signed to a MD's natural healing letter, Dr Sinatra, and the following week the doc presented information about POLY MVA. My husband ordered it by overnight mail and as I was leaving for the hospital he gave me 4 teaspoons twice. Then I had a bottle of coca cola (No I did not drink soda's) in the fridge and emptied it and filled the bottle with Poly. I put it in my purse and off I went.

I was prodded, poked, x-rayed, I could not have any procedure where I had to lay down I was so bent, and had a fractures spine that bent me forward, and I was hydrated with IV's and scheduled for dialysis. 24 hours later the doc took another test and noticed my kidneys were better, and decided to wait on the dialysis..
Each day they got better.(The fluids also helped) then she said "Why do you think your kidneys are improving" I said "I don't know" but each hour I was awake I drank 2 - 3 tsps of poly!

(no I did not tell the doctor or anyone as I did not wanted it taken from me)
4 days later I was sent home. They had already informed my husband I would not live. Would not make it to Christmas. At this point I could only walk with help, could not lift my arms, my legs were swollen to 3 times their size and I looked and felt like I was 100. at that time I was a young 60 years old.

When I went home in 4 days, the doc's were so surprised. I took the 4 corners protocol but mostly took the COQ10 and poly. MY nausea and vomiting was so severe I could not tolerate too many extra things. The radiation was a big cause of the nausea.

Thanksgiving eve was the last time I had blood transfusions as I was starting to regain my bone marrow.The radiation nuked my white cells and platelets so I quit after 3 weeks and said NO MORE! I refused the chemo!!!!

The doc was not too happy but she knew who I had worked for and understood that I knew too much about Chemo. There was no actual chemo that shows it works on Multiple Myeloma, at the time, even though chemo was used for many patients. Several drugs are now used mainly for MM but they only work for a short time. There is no cure for MM at this time. (2008)

I did not eat any sugar and lived on raw juice and cream soups. That was all I could keep down. I lost 60 lbs.(I was overweight but it was scary to have your clothes fall off of you!) Fear was a companion but with help I worked through that and I just knew I was going to get better. My Sweet Adeline group was a tremendous support every day!

I did daily biofeedback and imagery. (That is where you see your cancer cells being eaten up and replaced by healthy cells and bringing in a golden or white light through the top of your head, and spreading it through your body. The cells you see being eaten up you send them to a place where they are destroyed) Each month I improved and gained more mobility. The nausea and vomiting were the worst as It left me exhausted. The hospital personel, who were really good to me, had a big conference to put me on IV pain meds, but I told them that was only for dying people. You could just see the look on their faces, "boy is she in denial"!

Christmas eve I was hospitalized with heart problems (a rate of 200).
Turns out the radiation inflamed my heart so badly that it caused it to malfuction, I am still on heart meds but under control. I had some alternative therapy in January, this really gave me a boost, and I knew by spring I would be almost better.

After 6 months of pain and suffering, Thanks to POLY MVA I started to get my strength back, feel better and my blood work greatly improved.(My oncologist still can't believe it) In March my blood tests were normal, my HGB being the best it has been in 5 years.

Yes making my own blood cells like crazy! (You could not test my cancer with blood work or markers, BUT only through A BONE MARROW TEST as I fell into an odd form of Multiple Myeloma -There was a theory thought it was brought on from infection.

A Bone Marrow test in April of 2005 showed NO CANCER and the doc's could not believe what they were seeing.

Now I did loose 6-8 of my thoracic spine disc's to the cancer and lost 5 " in height.(I do not have osteoporosis). When I was able to have an MRI in 2005 it showed cancer lesions still on my spine. By April of 2006 the lesions had disappeared. I still had problems with movement. In the fall of 2006 I went to Curves to try and get more mobility. It helped straighten me up and improved my movement greatly. I get checked every six months and at this time have no signs of my MM. I will not regain the mobility I had but I can walk by myself and sometimes need a light aid (cane) I still have trouble standing by myself. I travel and do what I want to. My doctor told me this week I am "disgustingly healthy" and she just cannot understand why I am alive. Hmmmm

Healthy eating habits and exercise along with spiritual belief of some kind is essential to overcoming this type of illness. I am eternally gratefull to my husband who nursed me night and day and got me through this. To the wonderful people at AMARC for their support and to POLY MVA, without this miracle supplement, I am sure I would not be writing this today. I am grateful to God for sparing my life."

Please feel free to contact me at

if you need help or information

Janice Barsby ORIGINALLY POSTED June 2005 updated July 2008
2nd Upate - 4-7-2010

"I am still cancer free but had a bump in the road in 2009. My gallbladder had been a "trial" for me all my life and it just kept getting worse. In April of 2009 my doctor was very unhappy with the state of my gallbladder and liver. He suggested I get the gallbladder removed as it was constantly being inflamed, infected and full of stones. I scheduled the operation and about a week before noticed my eyesight was difficult, then I had double vision and then headaches. I went ahead with the gallbladder operation, but 10 days later had an MRI as my face was so painful, it felt like a hundred knives were stabbing me.

The MRI showed an unknown tumor in and near the sinus, unfortunately as so many cranial nerves were involved no biopsy could be taken. I had lost the sight of my R eye and the pain was intense. The radiologist had 2 opinions, 1 it maybe the Multiple Myeloma returning or it was a Sarcoma.

Treatment was started immediately. I had been on 1-2 tsps of POLY MVA for maintenance, but due to my constant gallbladder infections, I believe my immune system suffered.

I went on 8 tsps of Poly MVA again and began 8 half dose radiations to my head and that was followed by 10 Tumor specific radiation to my tumor area. It took about 2 months and then I just waited. By November the tumor was gone. I also took 1/4 dose dexamethasone for about 3 months. 10mgs I think.

As I am so sensitive to drugs or radiation they have to cut everything down or I cannot tolerate it. I am on 4 tsps a day Maintenance Poly MVA and CoQ10 plus my other supplements.

Here it is April 2010 and I am still cancer free, doing well and moving about rather well.

I wish all who read this to be encouraged. I have a blog where I give tips etc on how better to take care of ourselves.

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