Name: Mrs. Nail

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma

Date: March 27, 2004


To: Poly MVA Survivors Re: My Motherís Multiple Myeloma 03-27-04

My mom's neurologist discovered an abnormal M-protein in January, 2002, just before her 83rd birthday. It was 0.8, and her IgA was quite elevated. However, she wasn't having any "symptoms" and felt normal. Then, by July, 2002, it increased 50% to 1.2. Then they told her she had MGUS. By November, it was up another 50% to 1.9.

We had been to the Cancer Seminar in September, 2002, where we found out about PolyMVA and spoke with Ken Walker about what he had experienced with the PolyMVA product. Several of the vendors there also told her to be sure to take addition to whatever they were selling! Mom decided to try it, and we ordered 6 bottles. She started around the first of October, so it had been three months since her last test. She started out at the recommended dose of 2 tsp four times a day, which she took for about 2 months. She was also on Coral Calcium, MGN-3 and Wobenzyme.

Well, she went back to her hematologist in January, 2003.
When her test showed just 0.9 (a 50% decrease), her doctor looked at it in disbelief and called in a couple of interns to show them her results! He decided that it must be a mistake, so he had her take the test again. When the results came back, it showed 1.0.

Her doctor had put her on one Zometa IV the month before, so he said he had never had the M-protein drop like that just from Zometa! Of course, my mom then told him that she was "doing something else," and produced the PolyMVA bottle for him to look at. He first cautioned her about using anything with palladium in it (considered to be a heavy metal), but told her to just
"keep doing what she was doing" since it seemed to be working for her. What else could he say when it cut her M-protein level by 50% in a month?

She continued to take the PolyMVA, decreasing the dosage gradually as directed. The tests that she has had all during 2003 up till now in March, 2004, have all shown an M-protein level of 1.0-1.1.

She has been taking 1 tsp of PolyMVA twice a day for most of the past year. She rarely takes any of the other supplements anymore. Since she is on about 8 other medications, she is reluctant to take too much of anything, but she stays with her PolyMVA!

Pat Nail
Arlington, TX

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