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Name: Carol Gee
Date: January 9, 2003
Diagnosis: Lymphoma

E-Mail: cgee@solarwinds.com

Carol Gee, Age 40, Live's in Fort St John B.C. Canada

· Sept-Dec 1999- Noticed a lump on my forehead and a number of skin deposits on my temples that were not going away.
· January 2000 a biopsy was done on one lump on my forehead and I was diagnosed with indolent "B" cell lymphoma, a CT scan of my chest and abdomen revealed two nodes in my chest cavity and numerous nodes in my abdomen. The oncologist told me I was a "wait and watch", there was no cure for what I had. Treatment would be given if the disease progressed and was affecting any organs. I was told that no changes needed to be made in my life style.
February and March 2000.- I traveled to Vancouver BC Canada to see a naturopath who worked with a number of cancer patients. I changed my diet drastically, no white sugar, white flour, caffeine nothing out of a tin or a package. I did three weeks of vitamin C IV's and ozone treatments on my blood, and started taking numerous supplements.
· April 2000.- Back home in Fort St John, I continued to do twice weekly vitamin C IV's with homeopathic substances included.
· Summer of 2000.- My skin lesions worsened, my back broke out in numerous lesions, I got them on my neck and in my scalp. Since that time I have gotten a number of opinions from Doctors practicing alternative medicine who feel vitamin C IV's were not a good thing for me because boosting my immune system also boosts the "B" cells.
· September 2000.- A.C.T. scan showed chest unchanged two nodes, 1.5 cm and 2 cm in diameter. Abdomen-deterioration since February 14,00.
· November 2000.- I travel back to Vancouver BC. The cancer clinic recommended I start chemotherapy I got the feeling that they had not seen many people with the skin lesions I had. I spent 3 weeks with the naturopath. I did extensive IV treatments. I also did thermo treatments, hot baths in a peat sulphur mixture. Temperatures of 112-115 degrees, staying in for 20 minutes.
· December 2000.- I really did not want to do chemotherapy so after researching a number of alternative centers and treatments. I decided to do the dendretic cell vaccine made and returned home with enough vaccine for 12 weeks of shots.
· January-March 2001.- I returned home and took the vaccine. I also continued vitamin C IV's. I started to juice daily at this time.
· April 2001.- CT scan, chest no change since September, abdomen, lymph nodes up to 4cm in diameter. Since the dendritic cell vaccine had done nothing. I felt I had no options but to do chemotherapy. I started chemotherapy. I quit taking all the supplements. I continued juicing each morning and kept a very strict diet of raw fruits and vegetables, all organic produce.
· September 2001.- I was finished the chemotherapy. My skin had improved somewhat, from about April of 2000 I had experienced night sweats at least twice a week. These night sweats went away with the chemotherapy.
· November 2001.- The night sweats came back. My skin started to worsen again. A friend from the U.S.A had sent me some information on poly-MVA and I started to read about it.
· December 3, 2001.- CT Scan showed the chemotherapy had helped the situation but disease was still present. Nodes in my chest were 14mm abdomin showed 3-4 patchy areas in my liver, the subhepatic and periaortic lymphadenopathy still present with the largest nodes 2cm.
· December, 8 2001.- I started taking poly-MVA. I took the loading dose four weeks, then 4 tsp per day for 12 weeks, then 2 tsp per day since. Since starting the poly-MVA I have not experience any night sweats. My skin has significanty improved since the poly.
· July 2002.- CT scan which when compared to December 2001 shows 100% poly-MVA results. Chest: completely normal nodes. Abdomen: areas on liver down to 6-19mm. The subhepatic and periaortic lymphadenopathy decreased significantly from December 2001, with the largest node only 13mm.

Since my first diagnosis I have become much more spiritual. I pray at least twice a day. Most afternoons I spent ½ hour meditation. My mother has began practicing healing touch and once a week she gives me a treatment. I was also a very driven person. I was an accountant, working many hours tans stressing over dead lines. I have made a career change and am now boarding and training horses which is ly life passion.

I thank God for Poly-MVA

Carol Gee
Fax 250 785 5906

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