Name: Anel Nieto

Subject: Osteosarcoma

Date: October 23,2001



Anel's Testimonial

In January of the 2000, Anel started to notice an increase of volume in the left shoulder.
The biopsy showed a large tumor mass and the diagnosis was osteosarcoma. When she went to the hospital in Mexico City the doctors said that they could not do anything for her. Life expectancy was zero.

At that time the tumor was proximately 80 x 93mm. Since then she went to different Doctors in cancer medicine.
The answer was always the same, there was no chance of survival. In August 2000, she met Al Sanchez, Director of AMARC, and began her treatment with Poly-MVA and clodronate.

The results began immediately, there was significant reduction of tumor and even more important she never presented metastasis to the bone.
Before poly-MVA, she used to wear a jacket size 16 due to the size of the tumor that weighted 17 pounds, and she could not raise her arms. Now she can raise her arms without pain, and even more important—she can dance.

At this moment she is receiving Pallative chemo along with her Poly-MVA/clodronate treatment. The Doctors are evaluating the possibility of the primary tumor resection.

“ Everyone told me that I was crazy to adopt and assume the responsibility of this young girl. My belief that the impossible is always possible has been reinforced through the trials and tribulations I have suffered with Anel against all odds and I feel vindicated!! Many times I thought that Anel might not make it. Now a shot of adrenaline flows through my veins every time I see and talk to Anel!”

Dr. Leticia Maciel
Amarc Mexico

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