Name: Nancy B.

Diagnosis:Stage II Ovarian Cancer

Date: September 2007



Nancy's Testimonial

February 15, 2009

In September of 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage II ovarian cancer - an 18cm mass, large amount of fluid in the pelvis and abdomen, (Acitis) and right hydronephrosis, underwent a radical hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.

Postoperative diagnosis:
Metastasic uterine cancer with secondary metastasic disease to right ovary.

My doctor recommended 18 months of chemotherapy. Not wanting this chemical and toxic invasion of my body, I did some research and learned about Poly-MVA.
I began taking the supplement in December of 2007 [as a part of the Quality of Life study] while I was still recovering from surgery and looking emanciated from about 48 lbs of weight loss due to the cancer.

What happened to my body within 2 weeks of starting Poly-MVA was nothing short of "amazing." My energy level shot up and my appetite increased to where I started gaining back my muscle tone and weight because I was able to eat very well and had no digestive problems. I am continuing with the Poly-MVA program which I use with CoQ10, coral calcium, liver cleanser, vitamin D3, flaxseed oil and organic fruits and vegetables.

On 5/1/08 I had a CA-125 test done which came back with a less than 1.0 reading. This product has kept me alive so far, without the destruction of the chemotherapy. I look and feel terrific.

I would like to acknowledge Gary Matson with AMARC Enterprises who got me started with the Poly-MVA. I also want to acknowledge the research coordinator, Dr. Jorge Llamas, whom I had the pleasure of speaking with many times when I had questions. He always made time to speak with me.
The staff at AMARC was also very helpful and accommodating. My thanks to the manufacturers of this product and those involved in getting it to the patients and monitoring their success.


Nancy Beckles

Update: June 24, 2010

Nancy let us know that she is still taking poly once a day, coral calcium, vitamin d , lymph cleanser, CoQ10, liver cleanser, flaxseed oil, vegetables and fruits and exercises three times a week. She went for ca125 test that came back negative,.

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