Name: Carol Black

Diagnosis: Ovarian Cancer

Date: June 10, 2002




Carol's Testimonial

As an addendum to the written program utilized by Carol Black, we have been asked to briefly detail the lab results, the changes and the time frames in which they occurred.

As mentioned in the program write-up,
Carol Black was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2001. A CA-125 run at that time was 71.

In January it was within normal limits. Surgery was scheduled for March 12th. In the month between diagnosis and surgery, the CA-125 (Bast antigen) had elevated at a rapid rate. We were never told the exact figure of the last test taken the day of the surgery, but
were told it had reached "several hundred."

Following removal of the ten pound mass, the Bast antigen dropped over the next two weeks to its initial level of in the seventies. One month later, or six weeks into her program, the antigen had fallen to 17. In an additional four weeks, it had dropped to 7.5. The oncologist had stated he would be happy with levels from 11 to 13 with 0 to 21 being the range considered normal by the lab we used.

In the next four weeks, the antigen had dropped to 5.5 - a month later it was down to 5.0. During this time, Carol had been very strict with every aspect of her diet and related program.

It has been one year since the surgery as of March 12, 2001. The lab tests continue as a monitoring device. One month the CA-125 was 4.0, another 4.2. In the last five months, the results have varied from the low of 4.0 to 5.0 - never higher.

Carol has had the blood electrolytes and other blood elements monitored every four months. They have always been in range and in good ratio. Better, in fact, than in the years before the cancer.

Carol's success has been due to a combination of factors including a good basic dietary approach, quality products including the Poly MVA, consistency of purpose, good visualization and imaging and a strong conviction that she can heal and survive. She looks better than she has in years and has shed nearly 40 pounds of excess weight. It has not been an easy road, but she is convinced it has been better than the options presented to her following surgery.

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