Name: Khleber Van Zant

Diagnosis: Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

Date: June June 16, 2009

Contact Person: Linda Richards

Address: Cedar Hill, Texas

Telephone: 972-291-1520

Diagnosed: August of 2005

Date Started Poly-MVA: August 2006



Khelber's Testimonial

Khleber Van Zant is 78 years old. He was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer in October of 2005. His surgery was scheduled for November 2, 2005. When his Surgeon began the surgery and saw the size of the mass he realized he could not remove it as it was 9 cm. and to compound the problem the pancreatic tumor was entwined around his aorta. Due to the tumor he also was diagnosed as having Diabetes Type 2 and put on insulin. As a last resort since he could not have surgery his Oncologist gave him 6 weeks of radiation every day trying to shrink the tumor.
He was released in January of 2006 and given 6 months to live.

He decided to get a second opinion so Khleber went to Baylor University Medical Center at the end of February.
They found the tumor was still 9cm so they put him on chemotherapy and after 4 chemo treatments he was so ill they had to stop. He was having such a problem eating that they put him on a feeding tube. Linda returned home from work one day to find Khleber unconcious and near death so she rushed him to the Emergency Room at their local hospital. They kept him in the hospital for two weeks and then he was moved to a Rehabilitation Center to get him to start eating again. He was not improving so they told him there was nothing more they could do for him. They took out his feeding tube without his permission so they could dismiss him from the Rehab Center. He went home to die.

At this time his caretaker and significant other, Linda Richards, was doing part time bookkeeping for Ashtok Patel MD of Cedar Hill, Texas. Dr. Patel attended the 2006 Spring Meeting of the American College For Advancement in Medicine Conference in Dallas . While there he met the Staff of AMARC and talked to Gary Matson about Poly-MVA.

Here are Dr. Patel's words:
"I bought 12 bottles from Gary that would be in April-May 2006.
Linda was working part time with me and she heard me talking to my staff-nurse and receptionist about Poly-MVA being used to treat cancer and after that Linda approached me and asked if it helps in pancreatic cancer. I said, yes, any cancer and she bought a bottle the next day and I told her to give Khleber 2 tsp four times a day and within two weeks she bought a 2nd bottle and 2 weeks later she bought the 3rd bottle. That was the time I asked her how he was doing and she said good and I requested that he come in to get his lab done and also establish as my patient. I then gave him supporting nutrients such as CoQ10, Omega 3 fatty acids, Zinc, Magnesium, ImmuneT3, Immpower. Linda was also encouraged to try Poly-MVA from another one of my patients that I started on Poly-MVA who is doing fine now for almost three years with breast cancer.

Khleber started doing all these supplements and continued with POLYMVA. He has now cut his dose to 1-2 tsp daily. He did high doses in the beginning. I follwed him with 2 separate scans as he is doing fine and no need to expose him to extra radiation which will trigger another cancer. It is OK for you to mention my name as I have already talked to some individuals on pancreatic cancer."


Dr. Patel started Khleber on Poly-MVA the middle of May of 2006 and when they did a scan in August the
tumor had shrunk from 9 cm to 3 cm. This happened in three months which was amazing. He took 8 teaspoons daily and then stayed on this dosage for 15 months until August 2007. He had a cat scan in February of 2007 and the tumor was stable at 3 cm. Then in August 200, the next cat scan showed no tumor whatsoever. He was in remission after only 15 months on Poly-MVA.

He also was able to get off insulin because the tumor was gone in his pancreas and so he was no longer a diabetic. Khleber takes 1-2 teaspoons a day now for maintenance. He is able to get out and walk and exercise his dogs and mow the lawn." His family feels he is a walking miracle as that six months will soon be 4 years and he is well and strong.
They are so grateful for Poly-MVA and for Dr. Patel.

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