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Prostate Cancer Testimonials
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Many of the  following testimonials were written by Stage 4 Cancer Survivors who

have  fought Metastatic Prostate Cancer. They have shared their stories in order to

let you know that you have OPTIONS, and what some of these options are.

These testimonials are for information purposes only and we do not advocate that

this treatment is for everyone. Prior to changing your metastatic cancer treatment,

please check with your physician for recommendations specific to your symptoms.



#1 Testimonial
Michael Muscari

Date: July 4, 2003

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer


1 Update
Michael's Testimonial
"Prostate cancer has been a part of my family’s medical history for 3 generations on both sides of my family.....

I started having an annual PSA screening in 1995 when I was 42 because the American Urologic Association was offering screenings at a local urologist’s office. My father had a prostatectomy in 1993 and considering my mother’s father’s death from the disease as well, I elected to be proactive.

6 years later my PSA began to rise consistently and my urologist recommended biopsies beginning in May of 2002 for early intervention....

After turning 49 in July 2002, in September 2002 my urologist completed 6 needle biopsies, 3 on each side of my prostate gland. The Gleason score was 6 (3+3) and of the 6 biopsies, the pathology report showed that there was only one core of the 6 which had 10% cancerous tissue....

I had been introduced to
Mrs. Pat T in 2000 who had survived stage 4 breast cancer having used PolyMVA as part of her protocol, which inspired me and provoked more investigation.....

After the biopsy results in 9/2002, I made significant improvements to my diet, drinking filtered water and no soft drinks or any conventional fruit drinks given the sugar levels I wanted to avoid.....

In late June of 2003, after a referral from my urologist, I flew to UCSF to be part of an MRI trial to improve the software for prostate imaging.....which gave me an actual digital image with the x, y and z dimensions, the location and the volume of the tumor within my prostate.

My PSA was 6.3 in early June 2003, almost 4 weeks prior to my appointments at UCSF.
I called Mrs. Pat T after my appointment and ordered a bottle of PolyMVA to be shipped to me in Orlando, FL, where I flew for a conference over that July 4th weekend.

I started taking the PolyMVA on July 4, 2003, 10 months after the pathology reports of my biopsies in September of 2002 confirmed the Dr's diagnosis. On July 10, 2003 I had a PSA test and the results showed an immediate reduction in my PSA from 6.3 in early June down to 4.6, about 25% after 6 days of dosing with the PolyMVA.

July 4th,2003 started my auspicious journey with AMARC and PolyMVA has been a part of my everyday life since. What a boon to have no dysfunction and be able to manage life just as well as others who have a variety of other chronic challenges which they successfully manage every day for the entirety of their lives.

In 2009 I began to include vitamin D3 from AMARC in my regimen and I took 15,000 IU daily until I reached 130 in the 25Hydroxy Vitamin D3 test, whereupon I reduced the D3 to 5,000 IU over the next 3 months and saw levels drop to the high 50’s.

In August 2009 my 25-Hydroxy D3 tested at 65 and tested in early 2010 at 130. In June 2012, the D3 level hit 90 with 20,000 IU per day so I intend to stay focused on my current protocol since the 130 to 150 range is optimum.

For the record, my PSA still goes up and down, reading as high as 9.3 and as low as 3.2 since the only biopsies from 9/13/15....

On 9/4/15,
there was NO evidence at all of any abnormality or lesion, for the first time since I began having the color doppler sonograms in 2003 and according to the prostate spectroscopy MRI ......   Read Full Report
#2 Testimonial
Brian L. Anderson

Date: Summer 2005

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer

1 Update
Brian's Testimonial
In the mid 1990's my PSA count began to climb above a 3.0 so Dr. Kemire, my regular Kaiser Permanente Doctor did a digital exam of my prostate. He explained that it felt a bit firm and if my next PSA count were to get higher, I should consider having a biopsy to check for any signs of cancer.

Over the following decade my PSA count would increase to as high as 10.5 and then decrease to as low as 6.0. In 2005 I met with Dr, Stewart, a Urologist at Kaiser and we scheduled a biopsy for me. In our meeting after the procedure I was expecting him to say the results were benign and I would leave his office a relieved man.
But no, he said, "you have prostate cancer" and I was in a state of absolute shock!

After he calmly explained my three medical options, i.e. radiation treatments, chemotherapy or surgical removal of the prostate, I said, "I'd like to take time to consider some other options."....

After returning home I telephoned my friend, Margaret Walt an RN with Kaiser, whom I knew had attended a cancer convention for alternative therapies in the Los Angeles area. I asked her if she had any information about a product to control prostate cancer.
She told me about Poly-MVA and gave me a 800 number to call. I got in touch with Gary Matson at AMARC Enterprises and asked him if there were some men currently using Poly-MVA that I could call to hear about their use of the liquid dietary supplement for prostate cancer.

He gave me the names and telephone numbers of several men whom I called.
After hearing their testimonies, I knew it was important that I order some Poly-MVA and get started using it on a daily basis. So in 2007 I enrolled in the "Quality of Life" program for a year to monitor my usage of the product and provide useful data for the future.

In 2009, because my PSA was at 12.7, my new Urologist, Dr. Chabra, wanted me to have a second biopsy. That made sense to me so I went ahead and had it done. The results were unbelievable to both of us.

My Gleason count was a 5, versus the 7 only two years earlier. The Doctor had the Laboratory check my results twice because he could not believe the lower number. I told him it was due to "the power of prayer, a positive attitude, proper diet and Poly-MVA. I showed him a 8 ounce bottle of the supplement for his information.

Over the past 5 years since 2007 I have taken Poly-MVA orally each day (2 teaspoons) and no other products for my prostate cancer
......   Read Full Report















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#3 Testimonial
Walter Davis

Date: 2008
*Updated Testimonial

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer

1 Update
* 2-25-2019
Walter's Testimonial
I put off updating my testimonial on the effectiveness of Poly MVA for as long as I could.

I knew
the pain that would be dredged up and tears would come as I recounted my family story with cancer. In the interest of saving lives and assuaging pain and suffering, I am telling my story again.

We have a choice in our fight against cancer: Conventional medicine or integrative medicine.
I was the only one in my family to select integrative medicine, a combination of conventional and holistic medicine.....

My other family members said I was crazy for my decision.
They are all dead now. Poly MVA saved my life.

Sadly, my mother died from undiagnosed breast cancer in 2010. Elderly black women are not aggressively tested and treated...

My wife Linda developed chemo brain in 2011 and thought that I was trying to kill her when I was trying to give her Neupogen shots. She never would try the Poly MVA. We separated. After 10 years of struggle, in 2014 she drowned in her own body fluids after the chemo ravaged her body putting her on an oxygen tank, bald head and black bottoms to her feet and hands.....

....I began to take Poly MVA every four hours. My PSA went down from 29 to 17 in three months. I added cannabis oil and the PSA dropped to 11 in just six weeks ........  Read Full Report
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