Name: Douglas Johns

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer

Date: 2007



Douglas's Testimonial

I believe that the first Poly dosage was started by me during the spring of '08. Since then I have taken it during 3 time periods lasting 3 to 6 months each. The initial period was for 6 months during which I took 4 tsp/day another time period was for 3 or 4 months during which I took between 4 and 8 tsp/Day. The last one was as part of your study when I took 8 tsp./day for 4 months last fall and then a couple of months sporadically taking 1 or two tsp./day.

My Poly-MVA Story

It was apparent right from the beginning that I felt noticeably stronger. I had more endurance and my bones didn't creak as much. Initially, I believe it was about 5 days into the treatments when I happened to do a deep squat and got up again and my knees didn't crack!
That hadn't happened like that in 30 years! I tried it a few more disbelieving times just to check. It was real. I gradually regained my vigor and my PSA actually started to reverse.

I ran out of money and with no regular poly my PSA shot up and rose to 32 at it's peak. I took up the Poly but even though I felt great my PSA was uncontrollable at that point. I read about testosterone blockers during my research and went to a mainstream doctor for advice. He put me on the present regimen of Trelstar Bicalutamide and Avodart. This has put the PSA in an acceptable range but as we all know, the cells are still alive ---just not reproducing.

Taking (and paying) for these drugs have put the Poly financially out of reach.
Since I have not been able to take the Poly, I have had the flu twice and I don't feel as well or have anywhere near the energy as when I was taking Poly. I will be able to buy more very soon as I have started a new job and another job is slated to begin mid May.

This story is not over. I will update it a couple of months after I start the Poly again


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