Name: Gary Thomas

Diagnosis: Stage IV Prostate Cancer

Date: Novemer 2007



Gary's Testimonial

Wife diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma
In June of 2004 my wife was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma that had manifested itself in her neck. With an unknown primary she had a modified radical neck dissection and
chose not to do the radiation the doctors recommended. She instead found her way to Reno NV. and Dr. James Forsythe MD. He put her on poly and she used it for about 2 years. She has quarterly checkups with her surgeon and NO cancer.

Gary is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
In November of 2007 I ended up in emergency spinal surgery for what turned out to be
stage 4 Prostate cancer and had a large tumor removed from my lower spine. My PSA was 1314.

Came home in a wheelchair and was using a walker. Had a catheter and really did not know if I would get any better. Well ---
it is know October 2008 - I am walking as I always did, use a catheter once a day to empty my bladder, my PSA is 0.5, my retests in June 2008 showed significant improvement in the bone and lymph node involvement. I have some emotional issues but that may work itself out in time.

Oh did I forget to tell you?
I also went to Reno and Dr. Forsythe put me on Polymva and Salicinium, a product that he is working with the FDA to get approved as a Cancer treatment.

I am quite sure without polymva neither my wife nor I would be here to tell you this story.
Thank you polymva and your wonderful staff - you have blessed our lives.

Gary and Elma

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