Name: Jack Kelley

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer

Date: November 15, 2005 with mets



Jack's Testimonial

I was diagnosed with possible prostate cancer on Nov 15, 2005. At this time I was referred to a urologist to verify my condition. I started searching the internet for information and I decided not to have a biopsy with the urologist. At about the same time I contacted CTC of America at Zion, IL. During my research of the internet, I found several alternative and integrative options for treatment and/or support that I decided could be of value in the future,
one of which was Poly-MVA.

Before I had my appointment with CTC, my family doctor asked me to have a bone scan to see if the cancer had spread or not.
I had this done and found that the stuff had spread to my back and the ribs on the right side. When I went to CTC for my evaluation on Jan 26, 2006 a ct scan that was done revealed a large tumor growing in my mid back.

I was scheduled for an operation to remove this Feb 13, 2006.
I spent about 11 days in the hospital and was released for treatment to CTC. I received fourteen radiation treatments over the next 5 weeks and was sent home with follow-up in one month. I was given casodex, avodart, and lupron for the prostate and zometa for the bones. Over the next few months my psa fell to somewhere under 2 but started to climb at the end of 2006.

In May of 2007 the oncologist at CTC wanted me to start taking ketoconozol and hydrocortizone to stop the production of testosterone by my adrenal glands.
I decided not to do this because of possible liver damage that could occur.

I decided to start the Poly-MVA Four Corners protocol. I started taking Poly on 7/7/07 with a psa of about 23. The psa readings rose steadily until it was 87.12 in January of 2008 at which time I finally gave in to the doctors recommendation and started using ketoconozole and hydrocortisone. Blood test in February showed a decrease in psa to 48.534. The March blood test showed a psa of 36.27. On 4/12/08 I started Standard Process phyto-nutrient / proto-morphogen protocol to enhance my immune system for cancer treatment because of the very high levels in the liver. In April, the psa was down to 24.99.

Since that time the psa has ranged from about 18 to 22 and the ALT and AST have returned to normal range. I have reduced my use of Poly-MVA to a maintenance dose for the last year and continue the Poly as part of my self administered treatment. All during the time I have had cancer I have been taking supplements recommended by the naturopathic doctors at CTC. I have had no side effects of any sort from Poly-MVA and feel that it has helped me to keep my system strong enough to keep the cancer in check. Thanks to all the folks with AMARC and Poly-MVA that have worked with me during my time of need. I look forward to a long relationship.

Thank you,


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