Name: James Pilley

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer

Date: October 1, 2000




My elevated PSA reading began 1-14-96 through 2/14/96. From this date until 6/18/00 when I started Poly-MVA and the
PSA lab results My Battle With Prostate Cancer had ranged between 17.7 to 4.0.

On 6/5/00 my PSA was 16.14.
I started Poly-MVA 6/18/00, and my lab test result on 7/5/00 was 2.69, quite a rapid change. The next lab test results dated 8/3/00 were 1.01.

The latest lab test results were taken 9/14/00 and
my PSA was 2.00 this elevation was caused by not taking Poly-MVA for two weeks because of elevated pulse rates and a rash.

The moral to the story is you have obviously found a very important product for cancer of the prostate. This is what I had been looking, hoping, and praying for, but never expected to see. Poly-MVA has helped me to escape the ravages of this horrible disease. I am thankful and grateful for the support given to me by AMARC and the Poly-MVA of course.

Again my thanks and congratulations.

James Pilley

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