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The following testimonials are written by Cancer Patients who have heroically

fought Renal Cell Cancer. They have offered to share their stories with you in order to

let you know that you have OPTIONS, and what some of these options are.

These testimonials are for information purposes only and we do not advocate that

this treatment is for everyone. Prior to changing your treatment program, please

check with your physician for recommendations specific to your symptoms.



#1 Testimonial
John Fox

Date: December 2003

Diagnosis: Renal Cell Cancer (Kidney)
with mets to Lungs

1 Update
John's Testimonial

My name is John Fox. I have been in the Fire Service for 36 years. My story started like most others. One morning I woke up and passed blood, no urine, just blood. I went to an ER. They looked at the blood and said it was kidney stones. I still thought it odd but I went to work and started my shift. Within a few hours, the pain was unbearable, I was transported to the ER (another one) by my crew. Within minutes, my world was shattered! The ultrasound showed a 7cm tumor in my left kidney. I had cancer.

I went through a number of CT and PET scans to determine if it was cancer - all of the scans were positive for cancer. My options were limited, I had the kidney removed in December 2003. Then I was told there was only one reasonably proven treatment that showed promise in 7% of the people, or I could get in a trial study using an unproven manmade DNA. I went for the trial drug with nothing to lose. Through this I had regular scans; they were showing a reduction in the size and number of the tumors. My last scan after the treatment showed that the tumors were gone.

In October 2005 they found a spot on my liver, It was surgically removed and turned out to be dead cells. In July 2007 a scan showed a large nodule that had grown in my right lung. We waited for 2 months and had another scan. This one showed an additional nodule in my right lung and another large one in my left.

With this report,
I contacted someone I knew with RCC in remission and asked what he was taking. He indicated he was taking Poly-MVA.

I bought an extra bottle he had and started at 8 tsp a day.


I called AMARC October 3, 2007 and talked to Gary Matson, who was able to assist me in setting up a proper dose which was 16 teaspoons, start using Coq10 and answered all of my questions.

took the Poly-MVA for 3 weeks before my surgery to remove the nodule in my left lung. The pathology came back as dead cells, no evidence of cancer. I had a scan 8 weeks later and it showed one of the nodules in the right lung stable and the other one gone.

The only change was taking Poly-MVA.


My oncologist does not have an explanation for this but I do!


The people at AMARC have been incredible, passionate, and very knowledable - without them I am sure I would not be working in the Fire Department today. They put their hearts in what they do and help save lives everyday!


Thank you AMARC for all you do ...... Read Full Report















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Oncologist touts the benefits of Poly-MVA(LAMC)


James Forsythe, MD, HMD

Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, NV


"The long-term positive impact I have seen in our clinic is quite astounding. Since 2004, we've performed 3 outcome studies in over 1700 patients with Poly-MVA(LAMC).


Poly-MVA provides a significant difference as a stand-alone or Integrative Protocol and also continues to show outstanding impact for each patient's success & overall health."

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