Name: Randolph Brown

Diagnosis: Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Date: October 15, 2003

City: San Diego, CA


Randolph's Testimonial

October 15, 2003

My name is Randolph Brown.
I am a 54 year old Vietnam Veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War in 1969-70. After years of suffering the growth of tumors (soft tissue sarcomas) on my face and arms (the only skin exposed to the aforementioned dioxin), I was told the only solution was to cut through layers of scar tissue and remove the lumps of dead cells. Then the procedure was to expose the open cavity to oxygen and lavender oil to kill bacteria while the wound healed.

This went on for 15 years after numerous attempts to process information about my problem into the V.A. Hospital in La Jolla, California.
There was no cure they could offer and all my attempts to secure funding to pursue a cure through private medical channels were met with rejection of my claim. Any work on my situation at La Jolla V.A. Dermo Clinic was preempted by my signature on a "responsibility waiver" which clearly removed any responsibility from the hospital and staff.

It was a hopeless situation for me until the year 2000 when I heard about and started using Poly-MVA. It was while learning of alternative protocols for a very sick friend with Leukemia that I became aware of Poly-MVA's great success and its track record to support its claims of being a sure-fire answer to correcting DNA breakdowns and reversing cancer for many individuals! After speaking to several of the cancer survivors on the Poly-MVA survivor's website, I started my dosages and coupled it with a mucus-free natural diet regiment.

To date, there has been
"no new growth" on both my face and arms and that is miraculous enough for me! No new surgery needed, just the "peeling away" of old scar tissue layers. My energy level is very good as I work as an Artist, Interior Designer, Landscaper and Musician.

I owe a healthier body and improved appearance to Poly-MVA and wish to share this information with as many people as possible. Cancer can be overcome with proper dietary practices including Poly-MVA. Thank you Dr. Garnett and the personal attention of Dr. Albert Sanchez at Advanced Medicine Research Center. I plan on continuing with this product to build the immune system's defense in years to come.


Randolph Brown
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Randolph Brown


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