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The following testimonials are written by Cancer Patients who have heroically

fought Brain Cancer. They have offered to share their stories with you in order to

let you know that you have OPTIONS, and what some of these options are.

These testimonials are for information purposes only and we do not advocate that

this treatment is for everyone. Prior to changing your treatment program, please

check with your physician for recommendations specific to your symptoms.



#1 Testimonial
Mark Olsztyn

Date: Sunday, July 02, 2000 8:32 PM

Diagnosis: Astrocytoma/GBM IV


9 Updates
From 9-07-2000 ........ to 4-07-2010
Mark's Testimonial
"Saint Patrick's Day, 1997. I received the news of my recurrent brain tumor with dread and shock. It had come back after six years, almost to the day, and this time it wasn't a low grade Oligodendro Astrocytoma but a GBM..... Being diagnosed with a brain tumor is a terrifying experience. It takes time to simply digest the news that your life will be irrevocably altered....

......This day marks 13 years since my operation!  That's about 4,700 teaspoons of Poly MVA by my calculations.


....Many of you have contacted me over the past few years to inquire how I'm doing. This has made me a little self-conscious about how long it's been since I posted my wellness here. The long and short of it is that I am alive and well and living my dreams in Sausalito, California .....   Read Full Report

#2 Testimonial
Josslyn McClung

Date: July 19, 2002

Diagnosis: Brain Stem Tumor

E-Mail: jenmcclung@juno.com

5 Updates

5-02-03 – 5-16-03 – 1-24-04

11-05-04 – 5-12-20
9 Years Old                       27 Years Old
Josslyn's Testimonial
Hi! - Just a quick note to let you know that we are fine. We just passed the one year anniversary of Josslyn's successful operation on Jan. 23, 2004. I am all too aware of what a miracle God did for our Jossy. There are so many people that we met in the clinic in Mexico that have died....
.....Two weeks into the program, her double vision was gone and her coordination had greatly improved. We were at the clinic for four weeks in January. In February, she seemed to be regressing so we put her on 5 tsp. of Poly MVA a day. We also started her on CoQ10.
......There are a lot of children with brain tumors that we have heard about over the internet with brain tumors that have also died. We give God all the glory and praise for healing Jossy!!! ......   Read Full Report
#3 Testimonial
Paul Weiner

Date: September 17, 2002

Diagnosis: Medulloblastoma

E-Mail: WienerTd@aol.com

3 Updates
2-12-04 - 1-14-05  - 1-08-19
Paul's Testimonial
Dear Friends,

Beginning in May of 2000
my son, Paul Weiner, began vomiting in the morning unexplainably. After these symptoms became worse, we finally took him to Hershey Medical center on 7/04/00. He was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a deadly, highly aggressive, brain tumor. He had an operation to remove his tumor the following week....
...... So I continued to look for natural products that would increase his chance of survival. It was then I read about PolyMVA. When I learned that it also worked on the principle of fixing cancer cells so they would die naturally, I put Paul on PolyMVA in March of 2001.....
....Since my last update of 2/04, Paul has had two MRI's, one in July of 2004 and one today, 1/14/05. Both of these MRI's have been clear and, of course, we are exceedingly thankful to God that he is doing so well and for every day we have with Paul .....   Read Full Report

















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#4 Testimonial
Daniel Morrison

Date: September 21, 2003

Diagnosis: Astrocytoma/Glioma

E-Mail: dennysbutton@gmail.com

Phone: 775-781-9191
Daniel's Testimonial
Dear Survivors:

On January 29, 2002 our son, Daniel Morrison, was
walking through the house holding onto his right arm like he had had a stroke. It was limp and he told me, "Mommy, my arm doesn't work anymore." I was beside myself. My fiancee', EZ, had noticed that Daniel's arm wasn't right a couple of weeks prior but I did not want to see it...

....I was concerned about the tumor being "just stable" but then Tim told us not be concerned about the size because the color is what is most important. He told us about his mother and that their radiation oncologist had shown them how to interpret MRI's and that when the tumor appears "white" it is active and alive cancer but when it turns gray and stops growing it is necrosis.(dead cancer cells) The tumor has continued to turn darker shades of gray which is just great!


We are ready to tell absolutely everyone about the PolyMVA .....  Read Full Report
#5 Testimonial
Larry Puckett

Date: January 2007

Diagnosis: Glioblastoma Stage IV

3 Update
5-13-13 – 4-08-14 – 3-01-18
Larry's Testimonial
I was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in Jan 2007. I recently had an MRI. It showed that nothing has changed as of 10/29/09.

I have had
good results since I have been taking poly-mva. I have been on it almost three years.

I feel much better when I take polymva. My
doctor told not to change anything I am doing because my MRI showed nothing was growing ......  Read Full Report
#6 Testimonial
Jim Storc

Date:Thanksgiving night, 2003

Diagnosis: GBM4 Brain Tumor

Email: jcstorc@ameritech.net

2 Updates
2-08-10 - 1-29-19
Jim's Testimonial
My Poly-MVA Story...as written by my wife, Cindy

It was
Thanksgiving night, 2003, after a wonderful time with family, that Jim had a Grand Mal Seizure. I was sound asleep when I heard the crash as he fell to the floor. We have led a very charmed life and I had never seen anyone in that condition before. I didn't know what was happening as I called 911, held onto Jim and begged God to spare his life....

....I spent a month on the computer and realized my anxiety issues stemmed from all the reading I was doing...so many were dying...I couldn't take it anymore. I decided I needed to move on but what if I missed that magic pill?

I gave it one more shot praying that if I missed something it would show up
and low and behold Poly MVA showed up...


....The PET had come back showing no cancer activity but the surgeon didn't agree. Oct. 18th, 2004 another surgery but it was 98% necrosis(DEAD TISSUE) and they couldn't identify the remaining 2 % ....  Read Full Report

#7 Testimonial
Lynn Rivers

Date: October 8, 2009

Diagnosis: Meningioma (Benign)
Lynn's Testimonial
My Poly-MVA Story

I have a recurrent Benign Meningioma. My first surgery was in 1993. I had a second surgery for recurrence in 1998. Between those two surgeries I had regular follow-up scans. After the second surgery I declined to have any further scans. My reasoning was that if I was feeling fine; I preferred to just go about my life.

In April of 2008 I decided to have another scan as I had been having some "twinging" in my head on occasion. That scan revealed yet another recurrence adjacent to the previous site. The concern this time was that the recurrence was on the motor strip in my brain.

A good friend of mine was
participating in the Poly-MVA study. After reading the booklet on Poly-MVA and how it works in the cell I decided that I wanted to be in the study. My thought was that any tumor benign or cancerous constitutes abnormal cells and therefore the poly should work the same for me as it would for someone with cancer.

I started the protocol on November 1st 2008. I am soon to finish my one year participation in the study. My last MRI scan was this past April.
What was encouraging to me was that this
scan showed absolutely no change from the scan the year before. Meningioma is a slow growing tumor. Between the first two surgeries when I was scanned every 3 months during the year prior to surgery number two they were able to detect continued growth of the tumor.

So, the fact that there was
no change for a whole year said to me that the tumor is not growing .....  Read Full Report
#8 Testimonial
C. Piazza

Date: April 2016

Diagnosis: Gliomatosis Cerebri Tumors

* Extensively infiltrative diffuse glioma cells

1 Update
Mrs. Piazza's Testimonial

In April of 2016 during a usual Saturday AM, I began to have double vision. I sat on the floor as I was also afraid I was going to fall. I then could feel my heart start to race. My husband then took my blood pressure and although I don’t remember the number it was alarming enough for us to immediately go to the ER as I never had high blood pressure.


Upon arrival at the ER I told the admitting staff that I thought I was having a stroke. The Dr. immediately ruled out a stroke but decided to do a CT scan as there clearly was a reason for my symptoms. The CT scan came back and it was clear that I had a very large mass on my occipital lobe. However, it was difficult to see what it was so a MRI was ordered. When we got the MRI results we could see a large mass on my occipital lobe that had grown tentacles that literally infiltrated themselves throughout most of my brain.


I had one more scan in February of 2017 and became violently ill and haven’t been back to see a Dr or have a scan. I saw enough patients in the waiting rooms and met many patients and caregivers online and knew I would never receive any treatments.....


..... I decided to focus on this disease and treat it as a mitochondrial metabolic disease based on professor Seyfried’s book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. This is how I found Poly MVA.


The first thing I noticed was
how much more energy I had. I was no longer sleeping all day and didn’t worry about where I was going to be when the fatigue hit as there was no way of staying awake when this happened. The increased energy and ability to focus was profound and a life changer ..... Read Full Report
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