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The following testimonials are written by Breast Cancer Survivors some of whom have

overcome Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. They've offered to share their stories with

in order to let you know that you have OPTIONS, and what some of these options are.

These testimonials are for information purposes only and we do not advocate that

this treatment is for everyone. Prior to changing your metastatic cancer treatment,

please check with your physician for recommendations specific to your symptoms.



#1 Testimonial

Olivia de Haulleville


Date: February 2, 2002


Diagnosis: Breast Cancer Stage 2




Phone: 760-369-7075


3 Updates
1-27-04 – 3-16-07 – 9-01-18
Olivia's Testimonial
February 2, 2002

My Stage 2 breast cancer was discovered in the Spring of 1999, after a biopsy revealed two estrogen-receptive DCIS growths in my left breast, one the size of a pea.
Radical mastectomy was immediately recommended.

Several "second opinions" also recommended that I should have the ‘offending breast’ totally removed, including the lymph node which would determine whether chemotherapy and / or radiation would be needed. I was also prescribed Tamoxifen.

I refused all of these options.

.....I was lucky enough to be present at a lecture by Albert Sanchez on Poly-MVA. I was so impressed by this man that I failed to take notice of the extensive testimonials he offered on this product. I decided instead to purchase
Dr. M. Garnett’s personal journal: First Pulse. I read this book with fascination!

In July 1999, in order to convince me of the urgency of a mastectomy, my Oncologist requested another mammogram. In fact, the
mammogram was done twice… but still could show no suspicious results!

My Oncologist seemed nonplussed. He asked me what I proposed to do next; without hesitation I answered: "Continue the Poly-MVA.
.....   Read Full Report
#2 Testimonial

Rhonda Apperson


Date: June 19, 2001


Diagnosis: Metastatic Breast Cancer

Stage 4 w/ mets. to Lungs


Rhonda's Testimonial
Dear Mr. Matson,

Following our telephone conversation of last night I began thinking about my struggle with breast cancer from the beginning. When I first learned I definitely had breast cancer I was devastated and felt so alone. I wondered how I could, as a single mother, tell my 3 children and try to keep my composure. Because in my heart I knew I intended to fight for my life.

... I went for three rounds of chemotherapy when my hair started falling out, my teeth started to loosen and fall out and I was so nauseated, I decided I just couldn't go ahead with it.

....He found the
cancer had metastasized to my lungs. The cancer had wrapped around the two top ribs of my left lung. He also found the mass of cancer cells covered my entire left breast.

Your cancer has returned with "full fury", he said. You need chemo and radiation immediately. I pleaded for time.
"Give me 8 weeks," I said and "if I don't improve I promise to try chemo once more."

..... Meanwhile I had heard of POLY-MVA from a naturopath friend in Rice, Washington, an expert in herbs. He recommended I download from the internet and try it. I did.

48 hours I could tell POLY-MVA was helping. After 8 weeks of doing as I was instructed by the protocol, I went back to the Richmond oncologist.

He found, after another MRI, that my lung cancer had disappeared and the mass covering my breast was now divided into 6 small tumors.
"What have you done," the oncologist asked. I told him POLY-MVA, and no other medications. He was astonished.....  Read Full Report
#3 Testimonial
Trudi B.

Date: October 20, 2004

Diagnosis: Stage 3 Breast Cancer

2 Updates
2-21-11 – 11-20-18
Trudi's Testimonial
The first time I noticed the lump in the summer of 2003 in my right breast, I immediately went into the doctor's office and was told after a mammogram and ultrasound that it was benign.

After an additional year had gone by, and I noticed that it was still growing, and even noticed a small pea-sized knot in my left breast,
I returned to the doctor's office to find out that I had Stage 3 breast cancer. Only being 40, and overwhelmed with sudden conversation about double mastectomy, aggressive chemo and radiation, I felt that I was in a nightmare and couldn't wake up.

I had surgery on both breasts July 15th, 2004. My follow-up treatment then was defined as
aggressive chemotherapy starting August 16th 2004, and consisted of a total of 8 rounds of treatment, every two weeks. The first four treatments were a combination of Adriamycin and Cytoxan, and the last four treatments were Taxol...

Not knowing about Poly-MVA at the point in time I began my chemotherapy, I woke up 3 days after my first chemo treatment unable to get out of bed. I was experiencing unbearable migraine headaches, nausea, all the traditional side effects that one expects from chemotherapy.....

Thank god for the efforts of my mother. She ran across an article about Poly-MVA in a Sacramento magazine entitled Comstocks. After receiving the okay from my Oncologist to have me begin taking Poly-MVA as an additional supplement to the traditional medical treatment,
I began the heavy dosage of two teaspoons, 4 times a day, on August 20th, 2004 - Day 5 of my first chemotherapy cycle. I didn't notice any immediate results over the next week while I was mentally trying to prepare for my next chemotherapy treatment and inevitable hair loss to come.

Every morning after my second chemo treatment, I did the same thing by waking up afraid to open my eyes to assess how I felt. But when Wednesday morning (Day3) came around that second time,
I opened my eyes slowly in bed, looked at my husband, and couldn't believe it.

I felt okay! I was practically skipping and jumping and yelling out that overall, I
felt NOTHING like I had on Day 3 of the previous treatment. In fact, I was never 'down' in bed one other day throughout the remainder of the 16 weeks! .....   Read Full Report
#4 Testimonial
June Black 

1st Diagnosed: Stage 1 November 2000
2nd Diagnosis Date: Stage 4 in 2005
Diagnosis: Metastatic Breast Cancer
Stage 4 Metastasis

4 Updates
3-23-07 – 6-19-09 – 9-04-12 – 8-09-17
June's Testimonial

I am writing this to let people know that when you are diagnosed with cancer there are options. It takes time to sort through all the variables and treatments and outcomes and statistics that are given to you by your healthcare providers....

.....after the three surgeries of 2005 I refused further surgery, and an absolute refusal to have radiation, chemotherapy and adjuvant hormone therapy,
I told the surgeon I had enough. I will find a way. This was in September of 2005. Staging was not done as I refused further tests and no complementary therapies. Prognosis was extremely poor and given at most a year to live.

.....and told me of his father-in-law. His father-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer and was pretty much told to get his affairs in order. The father-in-law did a lot of research and came onto information about Poly-MVA. He started taking this at
14 teaspoons a day along with a very strict diet and lots of other supplements. Of course the doctor felt that his father-in-law was wasting his money.

After four and a half months a liver scan was done and
the tumor was shrinking and the gentleman was feeling much better. A year later there was no evidence of cancer. However, he is taking 2 teaspoons a day of Poly-MVA for life. This goes to show that someone actually won this battle.

I felt like a lifeline had been thrown at me. I was put on Poly-MVA loading dose that was to span six months to a year and many other supplements and of course diet.....

......I started taking Poly on October 21, 0f 2005. In June of 2006, I had PET Scan, CAT Scan, Brain MRI with and w/o contrast and blood work.
No sign of cancer
.....   Read Full Report

















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#5 Testimonial
Odette Gaud

Azores, Pico Island, Portugal

Diagnosed: December 2, 2003

Diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Phone: 011 351 292 655 209

Odette's Testimonial
My Story
How I hope I have beat Cancer and enriched my life for the better.

Hi my name is Odette Gaud, I am 36 yrs old and I have 2 wonderful kids a 7yr old boy and a 3yr old girl. My partner and I live in the Azores, Pico Island Portugal. My nightmare began in June of 2002.

....On 2 December I went into hospital and had a lumpectomy. On the 15 December I got a call to go to the hospital and
I received my results.


This had spread past the actual sample that was cut out and used for a diagnosis. His advice,
we have no time to waste. The breast has to be chopped the lymph nodes have to be removed to see if it has spread to other regions. Once he had disfigured me and cut away my feminine parts, he then suggested huge doses of chemo and then radiation. With all this information he sent me home and he would wait for my decision.

....I have come to realize that the doctors of this world know only that which they have been taught at University. NO THINKING AS INDIVIDUALS ONLY PUPPETS ON A STRING kind of thinking.....

...As I tried to educate myself, I stumbled upon Bill Hendersons web page. I asked him to help me put together a protocol that cost very little cash. He then informed me that he had just interviewed a gentleman by the name of Al Sanchez.
Al Sanchez was supplying Poly MVA as part of the research he was conducting.

Bill Henderson gave me contact numbers and before I new it I was part of the tests being conducted on POLYMVA. For me this was a blessing as I would never have been able to afford it as a single bottle of POLYMVA cost at that time $300 dollars, and this for only one 8 oz bottle. For one month I needed 5 bottles. I also became part of the POLYMVA support group. And I found out about the 4 corners Protocol.

The Wonderful result is that I have brought my tumor markers CA15.3
down to 19.09 and my CEA27.0 down to 0.61.
These are all very normal readings...
...   Read Full Report
#6 Testimonial
Judy Foester

Date: January 6, 2006

Diagnosis: Breast/Kidney(Renal) Cancer

3 Updates
6-28-10 - 11-12-12 – 5-15-13
Judy's Testimonial
“On my birthday, January 6, 2006, I went for a routine mammogram that was far from routine. A spiculated mass, 2 cm in diameter, was found by ultrasound after the mammogram. Dr. Alison Estabrook, best breast surgeon in the world, did the fine needle aspiration, found the tissue cancerous, and did a lumpectomy on January 26, 2006….

Since I refused chemotherapy (I think it is barbaric and far too destructive), the hospital did a body-wide search for additional cancer.
They found a renal cell carcinoma, 1.7 cm, on the outer curve of the left kidney. I had suspected a cancer when I had shingles four times in 1996. I had a full body CT scan and they found a 5 mm. lesion on the left kidney (soft lesion).

To be sure, I had the test repeated in 2002 and they found NOTHING. Now,
four years later, they find a large renal cell carcinoma.....

As soon as I was diagnosed, I began a cancer diet and went on the Mannatech System, with daily Ambrotose, Manna Cleanse, ImmunoStart, omega3 supplements, no white sugar or flour, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

My Poly-MVA arrived just in time for the first radiation treatmen
t, on Thursday, June 8th. I have increased from a once-a-day dose of 1 teaspoon to a twice a day dose of 4 teaspoons. I take each teaspoon with 15 drops of LiquSorb CoQ10. I also take Vitamin B 50 mg; calcium gluconate 600 mg. calcium, with 200 iu. Vitamin D2 twice a day; L-carnitine 500 mg.; Mannatech GI Pro; Plus (amino acids); and Arthrosoothe (turmeric) from PNE.

I saw Dr. Estabrook again on July 7th (
she said all looked well and scheduled my next mammo for January 8th, 2007). My follow-up visit with Dr. Evans was on September 12th and December 10th. He said all looked well. On January 8th they took NINE films of the right breast. I was furious because this is alpha radiation that they use and very highly ionizing. I told them they missed seeing the tumor altogether for three years and NOW, with the tumor removed, they take NINE films.

alpha particle strips two electrons from the cell tissue and is highly damaging to DNA. Sure enough, after a couple of weeks, I noticed proliferation of the cells that had remained after the surgery.

I upped my Poly-MVA dose to 20 tsp. a day for a week, added nine artemisinins per day and used the skin cancer cream again for two weeks.
I think I clobbered it nicely and it is in its death throes (again).

The breast surgeon again pronounced the breast fine, perfect, beautiful. The radiation oncologist was visited on March 13th, 2007 and he said my efforts appeared successful and could find nothing remaining from the latest proliferation .....  Read Full Report
#7 Testimonial
Betty Wetzel

Date: June 2007

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

6 Updates
2-10-09 – 6-06-11 – 5-29-13
1-28-16 – 1-25-17 – 2-07-18
Betty's Testimonial
Poly-MVA has given me energy and has kept all of my tests (blood) normal and also my breast cancer markers. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, June 2007 and have not had surgery, but have taken faithfully Poly-MVA and I feel wonderful.

I am thankful for Poly-MVA .....  Read Full Report
#8 Testimonial
Rosario Diaz-Greenberg

Date: August 2007

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

5 Updates
2-12-08 – 3-24-10 – 12-09-13
9-14-16 – 10-01-18
Rosario's Testimonial
At the end of August I was diagnosed with DCIS..... I started to research on the net for something that could help me.

There were three products that stood out: a Chinese product, a Canadian homeopathic set of shots,
and Poly-MVA. After a lot of reading I opted for the Poly since it was the one that had more testimonies and was locally sold.

I spoke to Gary and told him about my challenge, especially the fact that, if I needed radiation, I felt the Poly might help with my energy level. As a full professor of Education at Cal State San Marcos, I was concerned about the fact that
my three hour classes would leave me drained, especially once I started the radiation.

It has been two weeks since I started the Four Corner Protocol. On the first day I thought I was not going to be able to keep it down. I became sick with nausea and was really concerned about the taste. Little by little I found liquids that I could use to make it more palatable and became used to it.

My level of energy has stayed high, I am healing properly, my appetite is good, I am sleeping better, and my quality of life is improving. I have not had to take more than two Tylenol pills per day....

Needless to say that after two weeks on the 4C Protocol, I have already felt the difference and have realized I was depending on pain killers and caffeine drinks to feel well .
....  Read Full Report
#9 Testimonial
Edward Freed

Date: July 24, 2009

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer (Male)
Apocrine Carcinoma

3 Updates
5-18-2010 - 7-19-2010 - 5-19-17
Edward's Testimonial
APOCRINE CARCINOMAVery RARE form of Male Breast Cancer
Apocrine carcinoma of the male breast is an exceptional malignant tumor. It does not have a particular clinical or radiological appearance, but it's microscopically characterized by the presence of granular cells and foamy cells representing over 90% of tumor cells.”


When I was diagnosed with cancer, my family was devastated.

First the medical people had no idea what kind of cancer it was but were leaning towards a type called Apocrine. I found out there were exactly 38 people in the world that had this type of cancer before I did and not one of these people had survived.

Next thing I found out was the medical people had no idea how to treat this type of cancer. A decision was made to treat me as though I had male breast cancer.....

A Baptist minister from Florida (who I did not know) who heard about me from his daughter who was a friend of my daughter, contacted me and told me about PolyMVA.

He told me that he and 3 other men from his parish all had been diagnosed with different types of terminal cancers and each one was told to get their affairs in order and sent home to die.

He told me that each one of them began to take PolyMVA and now 3 of the 4 are now in remission and the 4th one lived about four years before his cancer finally claimed his life.

I made a decision right there that I would use this product for my health. I told a few others about PolyMVA while I was undergoing my radiation treatments.

One of these men also started using the product. Today He and I are both enjoying life ...... Read Full Report
#10 Testimonial
Yvonne Kirkingburg

Date: August 24, 2009

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer Stage I


2 Updates

9-30-13 – 10-04-17

Yvonne's Testimonial
I have used poly-MVA for five years.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Milne of the Milne Clinic in Las Vegas recommended that I be on Poly-MVA.

My breast cancer had spread to my lymph nodes and the oncologist strongly urged me to have chemotherapy. I had agreed to radiation but refused chemo.

I believe the poly-MVA has not only given me additional energy, but after five years, I am in remission  ...... Read Full Report
#11 Testimonial
Lupe Herrera

Date: November 2009

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer Stage III

4 Updates
8-20-12 – 11-16-12 – 8-06-14 – 1-28-19
Lupe's Testimonial
In November of 2009, I had prior health conditons that kept me bedridden at least until 5:00pm in the afternoons.

At that time I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

Knowing that I would possibly die from chemotherapy and surgery, I went to the Century Wellness Clinic in Reno. That is where
I was treated and learned about PMVA from Dr. James Forsythe.

I was
placed on supplements along with PMVA. After the treatments I stayed on using PMVA when I went into remission.

Within 4 months and taking PMVA daily I have been able to get up earlier in the day and remain in remission.....

I would definitely recommend PMVA to others. AMARC Enterprises has been so helpful and knowledgeable on questions I've had. They are truly caring towards me and all individuals
......   Read Full Report
#12 Testimonial
Maria "Lupe" Rotunda


Date: April 30, 2010


Diagnosis: Breast Cancer


1 Update
Lupe's Testimonial

Poly MVA helped me clear my breast cancer when I first started taking it 4/30/2010. At that time, I was accepted into the QOL Study and I took 2 bottles per week (14 tsp daily).


Currently, I take 1 bottle a month (7 tsp daily) to this day. I believe Poly MVA greatly contributed to my health and recovery.


It increased my white blood cell tremendously even though I chose not to do any conventional treatments, i.e. chemotherapy, radiation, other prescription medications ....... Read Full Report

#13 Testimonial
Carol J. Roberts

Date: September 2011

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer Stage I

2 Updates
8-29-16 – 8-29-18
Carol's Testimonial
In 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage I Ductal Carcinoma right breast.

It was found on a routine mammogram. I had a partial mastectomy. The lymph nodes were negative so I did not need Chemotherapy. I chose not to have radiation, as that was one of the options I had.

It was
suggested that I take Poly-MVA. Everything I read about Poly-MVA was that it is an antioxidant protection from damaging free radicals and nutritional support.

After starting to take Poly-MVA, my energy level increased and I was able to do everything as normal......

My mammogram in June 2012 was normal after one year of treatment of Poly-MVA ..
....   Read Full Report
#14 Testimonial
Irene Marshall

Date: September 2, 2011

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

2 Updates
10-18-16 – 1-14-19
Irene's Testimonial
Hi! My name is Irene Marshall and I have a simple story to tell you.........Poly MVA works!!

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in September, 2002 after going in for a regular mammogram. I was shocked! I was happy, healthy, and active and couldn't believe this could happen to me.

My gynecologist had referred me to a surgeon based on a mamogram they didn't like the look of..... She gave me the final was malignant, and a mastectomy was in my immediate future.

I went home and cried, woke up the next day and cried some more, but by the afternoon, with red, puffy eyes, I did what all of us do these days........turned on my computer and started to research cancer and
find out what my options were.

My surgery was scheduled for early in November, but I was determined to take a positive approach to the after care.....What I did discover though, was that using the current protocol: Chemo and or Radiation, the prognosis for survival was 60%. I didn't care for those odds.

I decided to go it surgeon was less than pleased and once my follow up visits were over, I really was on my own....

Enter Poly MVA!!

My son and his wife were vacationing in Santa Fe, NM and struck up a conversation with the people sitting next to them at dinner one evening. The talk eventually wound it's way to life's ups and downs, and the gentleman, told them this story.

He had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and sent home to put his affairs in order..... he had at most, 4 weeks to live. He went home, booted up, and started researching fast and furious.
He found the Poly website and put in his order. That had all taken place 4 years earlier!

My son was so excited,
he called me that night and gave me the phone number of their new friend......

I started taking Poly in October, 2004, two teaspoons, four times a day.

I stayed on that dose for 6 months and then began to reduce the amount. When I had my next CA 27-29 test, I was in the middle of the normal range. Over the next few years, my dose has been reduced to the point of a "maintenance level.......I take one teaspoon a day.

CA 27-29 tests are all in the low end of the normal range ......   Read Full Report
#15 Testimonial
Terry Feiss

Date: December 2011

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

2 Updates
9-25-2014 – 12-29-2016
Terry's Testimonial
 I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December, 2011 and had a lumpectomy in January, 2012 and 5 lymph nodes removed in March, 2012.

.....My cancer was very small and my margins and lymph nodes were clear. I chose not to receive any radiation and sought the advice and direction from my alternative medicine physician, Dr. Marcus Cobb.

Dr. Cobb introduced me to Poly-MVA and shared the benefits and his expertise and knowledge in dealing with my type of cancer. I started taking Poly-MVA right away. My breast surgeon was not supportive of using Poly-MVA instead of the “normal medical” protocol for treating breast.....

The Poly-MVA is now an everyday thing for me and I have found it to boost my energy level.....

I have had no “side effects” that I am aware of in the 12 months that I have been taking it so far. I really have no evidence that I have had cancer except for the scar on my breast and the scar near my arm pit.

Have had no pain, I have a lots of energy and my last 2 mammograms have showed no cancer.....

I also know that Poly-MVA has enabled me to have strength and energy that those common cancer treatments would have depleted from my system....

We are preparing for the upcoming season, 2013, and I am happy to report that my very latest testing was negative for cancer. I am spreading the word about Poly-MVA to my friends with breast cancer that are “ill” from their chemicals......

I am a cancer survivor for 1 year and 3 months and only looking forward from here .....  Read Full Report
#16 Testimonial
Elizabeth Powers

Date: August 16, 2013

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer Stage I

2 Updates
12-23-13 – 5-15-18
Elizabeth's Testimonial
I tried to rid myself of cancer naturally and when I failed I looked for products that could protect my body as I went through traditional treatment.

I am doing amazingly well for going through chemo. I feel almost normal with the exception that my appetite has diminished. The first few days, after chemo, I am a litter more tired and prone to occasional stomach aches. In a few days though I end up feeling very good and I continue with my life as normal.

I have had 3 chemo treatments since taking poly-mva.

My labs test show that my WBC is normal. I have had very few symptoms with my chemo and people are astounded that I am undergoing chemo as my energy is so good and I have few side effects from chemo.....

I however feel that Poly-MVA is the main reason I feel as good as I do.

I therefore, recommend this product often to others ......  Read Full Report
#17 Testimonial
Lynn Jones

Date: February 9, 2017

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer


1 Update
Lynn's Testimonial
My surgery involved a lumpectomy although when I met with the breast surgeon after diagnosis she suggested I would need a mastectomy......

I used thermography throughout chemotherapy to monitor the effect of the chemo. By the 3rd of the 6th chemo treatments my tumor was not evident on the thermoscan.... I asked the surgeon’s nurse if she regularly changed her mind. She said, “NO!”

The radiologist who implanted the surgical “seeds” before surgery told me that
they had not seen the likes of my MRI. He could not find my tumor on the MRI so was going to place the seeds where the tumor used to be.

He wanted to know what I was doing and
I said that I was ingesting high levels of a powerful immune support called POLY-MVA.

He told me that he had not seen results like this and to continue doing what I was doing. I believe that the
Poly-MVA directed the chemo, protected my good cells, gave me restorative sleep ......  Read Full Report
#18 Testimonial
Jill Saldana

Date: October 2018

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

1 Update
Jill's Testimonial

They wanted to do a double mastectomy, July 26, 2019 of last year. I was scared and wanted a 2nd opinion and at the very least ... another MRI. You can go from lumpectomy to mastectomy but not the reverse. So much fear arises inside you and then to learn that there are many cases that cancer can come back even with a mastectomy. But as of today, June 8 of 2020, I wanted to share my wonderful news with you.


I got my results from my thermogram yesterday and they look really good. I went back to the place that I had gotten them done in October of 2018 and they appeared to be stable to what was done at that time.


I showed the doctor my thermograms from back in January and she could not believe how bad it was then.


She said she would never have known that I even have cancer if I hadn't told her and shown her those thermograms from Jan ......   Read Full Report
#19 Testimonial
Peggy McChesney

Testimonial Date: 2021

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Peggy's Testimonial

For 20 years, Poly MVA was instrumental in saving and improving my life when the conventional treatments and doctors failed me.


I also used Coq10, coral calcium, medicinal mushrooms, Infrared sauna, alkaline water filtration system, organic food.


Benefits I received Poly-MVA include Improved Quality of Life,  Energy levels increased, Increased appetite, Less Fatigue, Improved Pain levels along with Improved blood, kidney or liver panels.


My life changed dramatically in 2019 with the passing of my beloved husband of 42 years, Curt. He suffered 6 serious surgeries prior to that which was extremely stressful for me and my family. Consequently, my cancer has now come back after 21 years of remission.


One month after my husband's death I slipped on an icy bridge and ruptured the tumor that was growing in my right breast resulting in a very serious infection that eventually came out to the surface. This resulted in a mastectomy, and an increase of PolyMVA to maximum dose.


I refused chemotherapy and radiation since my plate was really full with funeral arrangements and financial concerns. I have continued PolyMVA for over a year and felt wonderful ....   Read Full Report

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