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The following testimonials are written by Cancer Survivors who have heroically

fought Multiple Myeloma. They have offered to share their stories with you in order to

let you know that you have OPTIONS, and what some of these options are.

These testimonials are for information purposes only and we do not advocate that

this treatment is for everyone. Prior to changing your treatment program, please

check with your physician for recommendations specific to your symptoms.



#1 Testimonial
Janice Barsby

Date: June 25, 2005

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma Stage 3


6 Updates
4-7-10 – 7-01-11 – 6-10-13
4-02-14 – 12-28-15 – 3-14-16
Janice's Testimonial
I have written on this site before but I am updating my story in July 2008 to let you know how things have gone for me. My original diagnosis was October 2004.

After reading some of the things others have gone through I feel very fortunate. I am a survivor of Stage III Multiple Myeloma (Bone Cancer).

...... April of 2004 the discomfort in my legs and back accelerated, but with my husband having to have a second surgery, I put it to the back of the burner..... By September I could hardly move, constant pain, exhaustion, etc. In July and August I visited the doctor, and on my second visit the doc found really abnormal blood work but just 'kissed' it off as unknown. In September same result only blood work was worse.

....... a week later met my Oncologist, a lovely lady called Dr Forsythe. She did a bone marrow test and told me I had cancer (Mulltiple Myeloma) I just sat there and cried. (I will add here I am a retired Registered Nurse. My last position was to work for a world renowned oncologist and open a unit for him in a major hospital. I also gave lots of chemotherapy!)

I agreed to have some radiation, only to Relieve The Pain. I was started on enough pain killer to knock of a horse and was still in agony.....
the doc presented information about POLY MVA. My husband ordered it by overnight mail and as I was leaving for the hospital he gave me 4 teaspoons twice. Then I had a bottle of coca cola (No I did not drink soda's) in the fridge and emptied it and filled the bottle with Poly. I put it in my purse and off I went.

....... I was hydrated with IV's and scheduled for dialysis.
24 hours later the doc took another test and noticed my kidneys were better, and decided to wait on the dialysis..

Each day they got better.(The fluids also helped) then she said "Why do you think your kidneys are improving" I said
"I don't know" but each hour I was awake I drank 2 - 3 tsps of poly!

(no I did not tell the doctor or anyone as I did not want it taken from me)

4 days later I was sent home. They had already informed my husband I would not live. Would not make it to Christmas. At this point I could only walk with help, could not lift my arms, my legs were swollen to 3 times their size and I looked and felt like I was 100…. at that time I was a young 60 years old.

When I went home in 4 days, the doc's were so surprised......Thanksgiving eve was the last time I had blood transfusions as I was starting to regain my bone marrow. The radiation nuked my white cells and platelets so I quit after 3 weeks and said NO MORE! I refused the chemo!!!!

After 6 months of pain and suffering, Thanks to POLY MVA I started to get my strength back, feel better and my blood work greatly improved.(My oncologist still can't believe it)

In March
my blood tests were normal, my HGB being the best it has been in 5 years. ......   Read Full Report
#2 Testimonial
Larry Cunningham

Date: November 2005

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma

5 Updates

7-29-08 – 9-13-09 - 10-08-09
5-06-11 - 1-22-13
Larry's Testimonial
My brother, Larry, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in November 2005 and in researching for answers for support of his body, our family was led to Poly-MVA. He is currently taking Revlemed and Poly-MVA and his numbers are improving. I consider myself a “Cancer Conqueror,” being 6 years cancer-free from colon cancer in May 2006. I decided to take Poly-MVA for daily support and as a preventative measure.

My energy is great, I feel wonderful and I am using Poly-MVA to support continued health. I appreciate AMARC Enterprises and the wonderful work they are doing to support people facing various health challenges....

My brother has faithfully taken the Poly-MVA since my last report. His M Spike Protein continued to drop while on the Poly-MVA and finally reached 0 on 01-07-08 and has remained at that level since that time. He no longer requires chemotherapy and is doing very well ......   Read Full Report
#3 Testimonial
Betty Granger

Date: January 6, 2006

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma

6 Updates
11-1-10 – 11-21-11 – 1-16-13
5-17-13 – 2-24-14 – 10-07-14
Betty's Testimonial
My experience with Poly-MVA has been very positive. I actually heard about the product years ago in a newsletter from Dr. Sinatra. I started taking it, but only small amounts at that time since I did not have actual myeloma, only the markers for it.

In July 2005 my lab tests came back positive for Multiple Myeloma.... I was put on Melphalan and Prednisone. I did a series of cycles along with Zometa.

My proteins came down and my oncologist took me off all cancer meds for a number of months. The only side effects I have ever encountered are foot neuropathies and fatigue. There was no hair loss and no nausea(because of Poly-MVA). When my proteins started to go up again, I went back on chemo, this time Velcade and Decadron. I had been on that for a number of cycles, and since last May, I have once again been off all cancer meds.

My oncologist does not say I am in remission, but does say I’m pretty stable. Every six months I have bone marrow punch, full body x-rays, 24 hr urine drop and blood work. When I am in treatment, I have lab work weekly, I will see my oncologist in early February and at that time he may put me back on chemo depending on my tests. This time it will still be Velcade, but by injection once a week.

I use Poly-MVA daily and can’t imagine going without it ......  Read Full Report
#4 Testimonial
James Swelgin

Date: March 15, 2012

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma Stage 1

3 Updates

1-14-13 – 3-07-16 – 2-05-18
Jame's Testimonial
After a period in which I lost 25 pounds in about 2 months, and was feeling tired all the time, I went to see my Family Doctor in July of 2009 with blood test results. He didn’t like what he saw, and referred me to an Oncologist. After more blood tests, a bone marrow biopsy, and X-rays, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Multiple Myeloma in January of 2010, and the Oncologist gave me the “most likely scenario” of 6-9 months then I’ll need to take Revlimid, then about 6 months later a possible stem cell transplant.

I did not like what I was hearing, so I talked to some folks and checked the internet to find out more about MM.

A friend of mine had been told about PolyMVA and suggested I look it up on the internet.....

My first shipment of Poly arrived in March of 2010. For the next two years, up to and including the current time frame, I take the recommended amount. During all this time, of course, I was visiting my Oncologists every three months, or more often, depending upon their schedule.

My “numbers” stayed ........ steady for the past two years – no Revlimid, no stem cell transplant.

About 6 months ago both my Oncologists agreed that I should have gotten worse, but didn’t, so they changed my diagnosis from Stage 1 to “Smoldering” Myeloma. They couldn’t/wouldn’t say why I was so steady and not getting worse, but they did say, “Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop”. So I won’t.

I told them I was taking PolyMVA, and they asked for more info in it. I referred them to the web site.

So here I am, 2 years of Poly MVA, my numbers continue to be steady, and feeling fine, getting ready to celebrate the 70th anniversary of my birth in May. I’ll stay with “PolyMVA and friends”, and the no sugar regimen.  ......   Read Full Report
#5 Testimonial
Larry Moore

Date: April 2011

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma

4 Updates
7-20-09 – 1-26-15 – 1-06-16 – 3-16-18
Larrry's Testimonial
Poly gave me a feeling of well being within a few days.

I tool Poly for over 6 months but the cancer was causing severe nerve damage. I got to a point that I could not walk and went to the emergency room.....

When I finished the chemo,
I went back on the poly. It started healing the nerve damage within 2 weeks, and has continued to heal the damage much faster that it would have without poly.

I believe poly has kept my cancer in remission, when doctors told me I would have no breaks, but would continue to get worse until I died.

The doctors told me repeatedly there would be no remission.

Each month I went for checkups and bloodwork,
the cancer had not started up again. The doctors don’t understand how I have gone so long with the cancer not coming back ......   Read Full Report

















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#6 Testimonial
Susan Lannoye

Diagnosed August 17, 2008
Testimony Written 3/21/13

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma Stage III

4 Updates
11-21-11 – 5-07-13 – 6-10-14 – 3-08-17
Susan's Testimonial
My wife, Susan at age 68, diagnosed with stage III Multiple Myeloma Aug. 17, 2008, after being rushed to the hospital with what we thought was a heat stroke, dehydration, and a 104 temperature.

Test results showed she had a life threatening staph infection throughout her system as a result of bone marrow cancer which had destroyed her immune system. That was our introduction to Multiple Myeloma, an insidious decease that we had never heard of.

The Doctors told us there was no cure for MM, but with the latest Chemotherapy treatments followed by either a stem cell or bone marrow transplant, survivability would be 2-3 years.....

Sue started her treatments with a combination of chemotherapy drugs (Velcade +Revlimid +Dexamethadone) at the SCCA in Dec. 2008. She continued these treatments for the next 8 months with good results.......

Aug 7, 2009, one year after diagnosis, Sue underwent an Autogolus Stem Cell transplant at the University of Washington which was expected to give her 18 months of remission. Sadly, she relapsed after 2 months and was restarted on the chemotherapy (Revlimid) for the next 2 months with negative results.....

I had read Suzanne Somers book, Knockout, about
alternative cancer treatments which included Poly MVA......

Sue started taking the Four Corners Protocol on January 20, 2010 at the recommended dosage, in her case, she was taking 1 Tbsp of PolyMVA every 6 hours. Six weeks later, Sue had her first tests since stopping all Chemotherapy and taking only the PolyMVA and Four Corners Protocol.
The results were stunning.

I will never forget the moment her Oncologist entered the room with the test results wearing a big smile and proclaiming Sue his "wonder woman."

Both the Kappa Free Light chains and the Benz Jones protein had declined dramatically. When I told him about the PolyMVA , his comment was
"just keep doing whatever you are doing and I will see you next month."  ......   Read Full Report
#7 Testimonial
Debra Draves

Date: June 2010

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma (smoldering)

3 Updates
11-09-12 - 9-5-13 - 4-7-16
Debra's Testimonial
In June 2010, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (Smoldering).

After all my lab test and consulting with a specialist at the University of Chicago, my doctor said I didn't need any treatments as of now,
because it was (smoldering) just the beginning. I had a hard time trying to decide to do nothing, so after my own research & reading the book "Knockout" by Suzane Somers, I choose to try the PolyMVA.

I started in July 2010 & began the loading dose of 8 tsp a day....

(PolyMVA) has helped my energy levels which really helped. I will continue taking PolyMVA and will increase my dose if my levels get too high. I am not 100% sure of the Poly keeping my MM levels down, but I feel very positive its helping some. I'm feeling pretty good and positive it will not let this cancer get me.

At 57 I want to enjoy my 2 wonderful children & grandchildren and be able to help my elderly parents. I've retired after 35 years of employment & enjoying life to the fullest. I would recommend Poly to others! ....   Read Full Report
#8 Testimonial
Carolyn Huter

Date: December 13, 2011

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma Stage 4

4 Updates
9-20-10 – 6-27-11 – 1-12-12 – 10-29-14
Carolyn's Testimonial
(My experience using Poly-MVA the last 15 months)
I was diagnosed with end stage multiple myeloma in October 2007. I began chemo in November and a stem cell transplant in February 2008. I slowly recovered strength and energy.

In March 2010 lab test began to show a rise in cancer protein in blood and urine. My doctors were encouraging another stem cell transplant, but I felt I would rather take my chances with the cancer rather than go through recovery of another stem cell transplant.....

I started doing a little research on my own and
Poly-MVA and friends (other recommended nutritional and detoxification supplements) seemed like the best alternative method I could find but the cost was prohibitive.....

I didn’t actually start it until September 2010; at which time my oncologist insisted I must start chemo at least. I did not want to start chemo either because it made me feel so bad.

I wanted to just try the Poly and friends. He would not consent. I considered removing myself from his care and proceeding against medical advice. But I consulted with Gary Matson.... He convinced me that It would
most likely prevent the side effect of chemo and it has the tendency to protect my good cells and aid the liver to get rid of all of the cancer cells the chemo was killing more quickly. It did work that way.

..... My oncologist warned me to not get my hopes up. It would never be 0.

But by March of 2011 their tests could not detect the cancer protein.

The tests had the same results in June and the oncologist agreed to let me discontinue chemo.

September’s test results were still negative for the cancer protein..... Read Full Report
#9 Testimonial
Jean Kelly

Date: 2009

Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma

1 Update
Jean's Testimonial
I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2009 after several years of medical tests and doctor’s visits trying to find a diagnosis. Initially when I was diagnosed it was recommended to me that I take Thalidomide as this was the chemotherapy drug that the oncologist felt was the “gold standard” for this disease. I had heard about this drug before and did not want to take it due to the side effects of this medication......

After the evaluation I was not satisfied with his recommendations and I then scheduled an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. I was assessed by one of the physicians there who had many years’ experience working with Myeloma patients, so I decided to begin treatment there. He told me that I had stage I MM and he began treating me with Revlimid and Dexamethasone.

I began this regimen after having my stem cells harvested and banked at the Mayo Clinic for future use. I was
not able to continue the Dexamethasone due to my hypertension and cardiac arrhythmias. I did continue to take the Revlimid alone for approximately three years. My M-Spike became very low and the doctor decided to try me without any medications. I was able to stop taking the Revlimid in 2012 and was able to stay off any chemotherapy medications until 2018.

first heard about Poly-MVA in 2013 when I read about it on the Internet. I was looking for some supplement to support me so that my condition would remain stable without taking any medication. I called AMARC initially and spoke with Toni there. She was very knowledgeable about Poly-MVA and encouraged me to try it and I am happy that I did.

I began taking it on and off initially at 4 teaspoons per day and then 2 teaspoons per day. I felt that it
gave me energy as I was feeling weak at the time, it also gave me a general feeling of well-being, and I was able to take it without problems or conflicts with my other medication and supplements, since I have other medical co-morbidities.

During the time that I was taking the Poly-MVA
my M-Spike went to 0 and this is the only time that I have had a 0 value for the M-spike since being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma ..... Read Full Report
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