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The following testimonials are written by Cancer Patients who have heroically

fought Throat Cancer. They have offered to share their stories with you in order to

let you know that you have OPTIONS, and what some of these options are.

These testimonials are for information purposes only and we do not advocate that

this treatment is for everyone. Prior to changing your treatment program, please

check with your physician for recommendations specific to your symptoms.



#1 Testimonial
Victoria Castro

Date: May 2019

Diagnosis: Throat Cancer
(Benign Neoplasm mouth Papilloma)
Victoria's Testimonial

I was diagnosed with cancer (benign Neoplasm mouth Papilloma) and learned about Poly MVA from my brother in law Justin Madison. I started using Poly MVA in September 2019.


My daily dosing has been 3 tsp 3x a day at 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 6:00 pm by feeding tube and by mouth.


I was originally diagnosed in 1993 and received chemo and radiation. I had been cleared of cancer for 26 years. However, I was diagnosed a second time in May of 2019 with the same cancer. Same type, same location.


According to my new oncologist, I could not have radiation, because my main veins in my neck were very thin. The 2nd Opinion also said that the radiation was out of the scope of treatment. This was all due to the extensive treatment I received in 1993. I was told I could only receive chemo at this time. I started chemo in June of 2019.


August 2019, I started the Poly-MVA. In the beginning of taking Poly-MVA, I did not feel anything. Within 2 weeks, I got a lot of my energy back and I was able to focus on life and daily chores. I was able to get out of bed at a decent time and I started to craft again. I was making dinner and started to feel like myself. I would eat and take my Poly-MVA 3xs a day and did not miss a dose. I do feel that this product did help and I have made sure I took it 3xs a day.


My last Chemotherapy was October 2019 and my most recent biopsy was negative of cancer. I don't think the cancer is gone. I think the growth of the cells has slowed. I do have some stiffness in my neck and my upper back. I am still taking the Poly-MVA 2xs a day. I was told to decrease the intake after the positive results of my last biopsy. I feel good and still have energy throughout the day.


My appetite and quality of life is better. I have improved energy and less fatigue, better sleep, increase in appetiteweight has increased.


The one thing that I would say is most notable is I have the best energy and am sleeping better.


Victoria Castro



















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Oncologist touts the benefits of Poly-MVA(LAMC)


James Forsythe, MD, HMD

Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, NV


"The long-term positive impact I have seen in our clinic is quite astounding. Since 2004, we've performed 3 outcome studies in over 1700 patients with Poly-MVA(LAMC).


Poly-MVA provides a significant difference as a stand-alone or Integrative Protocol and also continues to show outstanding impact for each patient's success & overall health."

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