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Ovarian Cancer Testimonials
  Cancer Testimonials
Poly-MVA Testimonials

The following testimonials are written by Cancer Survivors who have heroically

fought Ovarian Cancer. They have offered to share their stories with you in order to

let you know that you have OPTIONS, and what some of these options are.

These testimonials are for information purposes only and we do not advocate that

this treatment is for everyone. Prior to changing your treatment program, please

check with your physician for recommendations specific to your symptoms.



#1 Testimonial
Carol Black

Date: June 10, 2002

Diagnosis: Ovarian Cancer
Carol's Testimonial
Carol Black was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2001. A CA-125 run at that time was 71.

..... In the month between diagnosis and surgery, the CA-125 (Bast antigen) had elevated at a rapid rate. We were never told the exact figure of the last test taken the day of the surgery, but were told it had reached "several hundred."

Following removal of the ten pound mass, the Bast antigen dropped over the next two weeks to its initial level of in the seventies. One month later, or
six weeks into her program(Poly-MVA etc), the antigen had fallen to 17.

In an additional four weeks, it had dropped to 7.5. The oncologist had stated he would be happy with levels from 11 to 13 with 0 to 21 being the range considered normal by the lab we used.

In the next four weeks,
the antigen had dropped to 5.5 - a month later it was down to 5.0. During this time, Carol had been very strict with every aspect of her diet and related program.

It has been one year since the surgery as of March 12, 2001. The lab tests continue as a monitoring device. One month the CA-125 was 4.0, another 4.2.

In the last five months,
the results have varied from the low of 4.0 to 5.0 - never higher.....

Carol's success has been due to a combination of factors including a good basic dietary approach, quality products including the Poly MVA
......   Read Full Report
#2 Testimonial
Nancy Beckles

Date: September 2007

Diagnosis: Ovarian Cancer Stage 3

3 Updates

8-05-09 – 6-24-10 – 4-30-13
Nancy's Testimonial
February 15, 2009

In September of 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage II ovarian cancer - an 18cm mass, large amount of fluid in the pelvis and abdomen, (Acitis) and right hydronephrosis, underwent a radical hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.

Postoperative diagnosis: Metastasic uterine cancer with secondary metastasic disease to right ovary.

My doctor recommended 18 months of chemotherapy. Not wanting this chemical and toxic invasion of my body, I did some research and learned about Poly-MVA. I began taking the supplement in December of 2007.....

What happened to my body within 2 weeks of starting Poly-MVA was nothing short of "amazing."

My energy level shot up and my appetite increased to where I started gaining back my muscle tone and weight because I was able to eat very well and had no digestive problems....

On 5/1/08, I had a CA-125 test done which came back with a less than 1.0 reading.

This product has kept me alive so far, without the destruction of the chemotherapy. I look and feel terrific.  ......   Read Full Report















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#3 Testimonial
Wanda M.

Date: April 17, 2008

Diagnosis: Metastatic Ovarian Cancer (Stage 4)
*Also Uterine and Colon Metastasis

5 Updates
7-14-08 – 5-05-09 – 4-12-10
1-14-08 - 8-08-2011
Wanda's Testimonial
This is my experience in the last 12 months using Poly-MVA.

April 17, 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in my colon, uterus , and ovaries. My Doctor first considered surgery but
since the cancer had gone to stage 4 he wanted me to go through chemotherapy.

Instead, I began taking POLYMVA on May 21,2008. I took 3 IV’s of Poly-MVA a week plus 12tsp a day on opposite days. This was a
total of 48 Poly IV’s.

After 6 months of treatment, a pet-scan showed signs of the colon tumor growing. I began another round of 48 Poly-MVA IV’s. After due consideration I decided on chemotherapy. I started chemo January 8, 2009.
I continued my Poly-MVA during chemo.

I had another set of
48 Poly-MVA IV’s during these chemo sessions. I took my last chemotherapy on May 27, 2009. After a pet-scan on June 16, 2009 my chemo doctor told me that I was cancer free ...... Read Full Report
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